• When: 1/26/2016
  • QIC: Detour
  • The PAX: Gaston, Olaf, BooBoo, Garnish, Collar, Chopshop, RA, Slumdog, Misfire

Tabata Tuesday at Hammer

10 on hand for a Tabata Tuesday at Hammer. Without several key regulars, our pax stepped up and got some solid work in….on a Tuesday

A chilly 34 degrees with 89% humidity

The Thang
SSH x 30

Partner up on one north end of field, partner 1 does 5 burpees, while partner 2 bear crawls, after completing burpees, partner 1 sprints to partner 2 and the roles switch, go to far end of the field

Same thing, but partner 1 does 5 merkins, while partner 2 jogs, to other end of field

Same thing, but partner 1 does 5 merkins, while partner 2 bear crawls, to other end of field

Jog to get pavers
TABATA (20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest x 8)
Paver curls
Flutter kicks
Overhead press
Russian twist

Merkins IC x 15
Curls IC x 10
Overhead Press IC x 10
Behind head tricep with pavers x 10
Merkins IC x 10

Jog to return pavers

Peoples chair for 30 secs
Fast Merkins IC x 15



  • Mud Run Coming up
  • Q did an outstanding job of keeping up with time on TABATA reps without looking at his watch the entire time

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