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Tabata Redux

Since only a few pax got to try my tabata session a few weeks ago, I resurrected it.  with the exception of one.  This was new to them so hopefully it kept your HR up and the sweat pouring off.  I know it did for me

Conditions – good for January – 36 degrees

The Thang:


20 forward Arm circles

20 reverse arm circles

15 mountain climbers

20 SSH

grab two bricks and proceed to courtyard

Brick Tabata – each exercise for 20 seconds with 10 second rest between exercises = 1 round

Rest 1 minute between rounds – Complete 6 rounds

  1. Jumping Jack with Bricks
  2. Skier Swing – both hands working triceps – bend knees and push back like ski poles
  3. Thruster – Squat with Brick lift overhead
  4. Rotational Punch – Left – right – Left – alternating punch while rotating torso and twisting legs
  5. Diagonal Chop – switch sides halfway – low to high movement
  6. Tricep Squat – tricep lift over head with a squat
  7. Ground and pound – on one knee – with brick act like punching ground
  8. Speed Z press – Russian Twist position with overhead press of bricks

head to wall for 20 calf raises on each leg then 20 together

mosey to cage to deposit bricks and run to flag – finish with merkins and monkey humpers

COT – Windmill

Devo – Two Buck


be on the lookout for info on the spring mud run.  should be better organized for F3 this year than in years past

That is all!

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