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#SwampFox revisits #The100Test

13 brave souls braced themselves and headed out in the pouring rain for a workout held in knee deep mud, mosquito larvea and lightning popping everywhere. Think the escape scene from Shawshank…wait…no…that didn’t happen…that was the dreams of the fartsackers I momentarily tapped into I think. What really happened was that 13 dry guys showed up to workout this morning undeterred by a light mist that fell approximately 8 hours earlier…#accountability

Conditions: Not raining.

1 mile run
100 push-ups
100 squats
100 curl press with slabs
100 sit-ups
1 mile run

Like The Murph the reps can be done in any order and number the man chooses, they just must add up to 100.

Top 5 Fishers:
24:48 Snuggles
24:56 FHead
25:08 Chaser
25:17 Mulch


– T-Claps to Snuggles on a hard fought win. Snuggles led through the first mile but then Fountainhead headed out about 30-40 seconds ahead of him after the stationary work and Chaser followed roughly 20 seconds after that. I hear that Mulch also began the second run before Snuggles. Snuggles passed Mulch though and then just after the final turn onto the uphill of Coker he came by me like Secretariate and then passed Fountainhead like a freight train. Impressive.

– T-Claps to all four top finishers as they all improved over their previous times and all four bested the former SwampFox #The100Test record of 25:25 on 8/8/13 (Stilts).


– The blue F3 columbia t-shirt order deadline is this Sunday. Here is the link: Shirts

– Spaces are opening up as we speak for the 10/12 Mud Run and Columbia guys on our waiting list will get the nod. Let Sway know if you’re interested. [email protected]

– The golf outing is scheduled for October 10. Please contact Uno or Alter Boy ([email protected]) if you are interested. We need to provide the golf course a head count next week. The preblast is now up.

– The 3rd F bible study meets again next Tuesday night. We still have two seats left. If anyone is interested, contact TB at [email protected] Meetings are scheduled for alternating Tuesday nights through the next few months at TB’s house, 8:00 PM.

– If you’re on the Governors Cup (11/9) list but haven’t registered, please go ahead and do so before the rate goes up at the end of this month. The discount code and registration instructions are on the Pre-Blast. Training runs planned for the weekends will also continue to be e-mailed out AND posted as Pre-blasts, such as the forthcoming 9 mile run this weekend, so that everyone can know the plan.

– One team for the Palmetto 200 (March 28-29) has already been formed with a second getting assembled now. March is a long way out but if you’re interested, we need to go ahead and get a roster together. Sign up now and show your commitment to F3 and our long term stamp on this state. Let me know at [email protected]

0 thoughts on “#SwampFox revisits #The100Test”

  1. This is one of my favorite workouts. The 100-Test is a great option when you’re on the road and want to get a tough workout in by yourself.

    Great work guys on the improved times! Just the thought of Snuggles galloping by at full tilt made me tighten up a little. Remind me how that dude got nicknamed “Snuggles?!?!”

  2. Splinter has sent me controversial photographic evidence that he did the test this afternoon in 24:18. There is no eye witness and the results of his post test drug test are pending.

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