• When: 2018-04-26
  • QIC: Venti
  • The PAX: Prom, Venti, Splinter, Furlough, Sheets, Second Hand, Nelly, Strom, Fountainhead, Levar, Kilt

Swampfox Circuit Around the Tree of Life


Swampfox, Crayton Middle: clear and 61


*Lap around the parking lot
*Pyaramid Warm-Up: 30 ssh, 25 iron crosses, 20 merkins, 15 Russian Twist, 10 Squat Jumps, 5 Burpies

30 second agility jumps, 4 sets: side to side, front to back, scissor, and criss-cross

THA-THANG:  We got after it with a fast paced workout using a hodge-podge of things you’d find in your back yard
Massive 14 Station Circuit around the Tree of Life!  30 seconds per station, 10 seconds in between:

Station 1 – Pull the wagon full of blocks, sitting down

Station 2 – Front Squat with a cinder block

Station 3 and 4 – Broad Jump Chest Press (Broad jump forward while throwing a huge rock as far as you can)

(Ab alley) Station 5 – LBC’s    >    Station 6 – Russian Twist

Station 7 – Burpies, do em’ fast!

Station 8 – Wall Sit

Station 9 – Merkin Rows with pavers

Station 10 – Hill Runs

Station 11 – Shoulder Press with pavers

Station 12 – Use a yard tamper and beat the ground up…get some dang back and shoulder work

Station 13 – Sawing wood!  Literally!  Try and cut threw a 4×4 in 30 seconds. Right hand round 1, left hand round 2

Station 14 – Plyo Power Step-Ups

Got thru Tha-Thang two times, plus finished one last segment where we started.  Work was done, men got better!