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State House #Covergence: "When's the Faith part?" "Huh, you aint prayin yet?"

Sixty, uh, Fifty-Nine with 7 FNGs converged on the State House this morning for a Robber / Chaser tag team Q in front of news cameras once again. The workout, while carrying Swamp Fox pavers, surely provided the cameras with many shots of suffering.

Conditions: 77 degress with 87% humidity under cloudy skies.

The Thang:

Each Pax grab two bricks, grab the three #ShovelFlags and warmup lap around the Statehouse.

COP in front of State House steps (Count off, remember odd or even)
20x Curls with pavers (4ct)
20x Alternating Arm Flutters (4ct)
20x Squat Press (4ct)
20x Merkins (4ct)
20x SSH

Divide in 2 Lines: Run to Art Museum half on one side of Main Street and half on the other (w/pavers and shovel flags)

10x Burpees at each corner of Main and Lady, Washington, Hampton

Art Museum
Grab a piece of fountain ledge:
10x Dips (4ct)
10x Incline Merkins (4ct)
10x Decline Merkins (4ct)

Run Back To Statehouse carrying pavers and flags
Plank while pax reassemble.

Find someone you don’t know,
1/4 Mile Relay
One pax runs around the statehouse, the other does (AMRAP)
10x Merkins
10x Sit Ups
10x Squats
Plank while reassemble.

Statehouse Steps AMRAP (10 minutes)
Start at Gervais
Run 45 yards to bottom of steps
5 burpees
Up steps to First landing
10 Rocky Balboas
Up steps to Second landing
15 merkins
Up to top of steps
5 burpees
Run down steps out to Gervais to complete round
(Pax got between 5 and 3 rounds)

COP in front of steps
Flutters low and slow x 25
Slow Chaser LBC x 20

Decline merkins on the steps. x 10 (4ct)

Wheelbarrows with partner up steps: Each pax goes up one of the two upper sections of the State House steps, switch, X 2

COP in front of steps
Protractor (6in, 45, spread’em, repeat)
Russian Twists x 20
Iron Cross :60 seconds, partner switch
5 x Merkins (4ct)
5 x Diamond Merkins (4ct)
5 x Wide Arm Merkins (4ct)
5 single Clap Merkins
Flutters low and slow x 20

Mosey to Trinity parking lot with pavers.


Ball of Man led by Chaser


– Great effort today by the pax in a tough workout. 7 FNGs definitely got an indoctrination.

– Pax #60 was a #BillyZane (see the “Lexicon” link at the bottom of the page for a definition) who joined during Robber’s COP but he dropped at some point, probably when he saw the pax take off down Main Street while carrying pavers. #thosedudescrazy

– 7 FNGs got worked. Overheard while running back up Main to the State House steps with pavers…FNG1 “Man, when do we get to the Faith part?” FNG2 “Huh? You ain’t prayin’ yet?”. #hadenough1stF

– T-Claps to WLTX’s Alyssa Lang for bringing out the camera for her upcoming story on F3. Sled, Sway and Chaser got some camera time in interviews and all of the pax were shot while #suffering. Look for an announcement of when the story will run.

– 8/3 Irmo workout launch at 7am at Seven Oaks Park. Try to attend if possible to show our support and get them off to a good start.

– 8/3 is also the Hot Summer Nights 5k in Shandon at 7:30PM #doubeldownopportunity. Great race and it would be great to have a big F3 gear presence. Sign up at the race or now at StrictlyRunning.com.

– Monday/Wednesday #Brickpile workout starts at Dreher on Monday 7/29 at 5:45.

– #Amble will meet at Owens Field Track on Monday morning 5:45. Come get faster and improve your 5k race pace.

– #SwampFox will have a first time mystery Q on Tuesday. Come on out. #willnotbeeasy #bigboypants

0 thoughts on “State House #Covergence: "When's the Faith part?" "Huh, you aint prayin yet?"”

  1. Good work today by Robber and Chaser. I’m so proud of the Columbia pax for their attitude, enthusiasm, and for “buying in” to what we’ve been throwing out there for the last 9 months. The day will come very soon when we look back in awe and say “Do you remember that day we ONLY had sixty at the State House?” Strong men lead to stronger families and stronger communities, and we are making a difference: one man at a time. T-Claps, brothers!

  2. Crotch Rocket

    Looking forward to running with my boys on Aug 10! Maybe the Today show will be broadcasting you guys by then. Don’t get too Hollywood!

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