• When: 2018-04-24
  • QIC: Chewy
  • The PAX: Belle; Ash; Odyssey; Heidi; SilverBullet; Pipeline; Teddy; Chewy

Soggy Bootcamp with a Burpee Mile, Bear Crawls, and Chumbaburpee

YHC had a last minute fill-in for a brother recovering from injury. I decided to take a page from Heidi’s playbook and scroll through some of the @F3Nation’s database of workout routines. I was inspired, but didn’t make it very far in my scrolling. The “Bs” had it – who knew there were so many Burpee workouts?  With conditions being what they were – wet – I decided to keep us on solid ground – roads and the tennis courts. I think everyone had a good time; I certainly did.

Conditions: Perfect. A little soggy. The rain let up sometime shortly after 5am, so it was clear sailing for our 5:30 activities.

The Thang:


  • SSH x25 IC
  • Imperial Walkers x25 IC
  • LB Arm Circles fwd x15 IC
  • LB Arm Circles bwd x16 IC (YHC goofed on the count)
  • Overhead claps x15 IC
  • Raise the roof x15 IC

Mosey to the corner of Olde Kight and Chambley.

The Burpee Mile: According to the F3Nation database:

“Burpee Mile: 48 burpees, 1 Mile Run. Done as 12 burpees, run 1/4 mile x 4.”

How we did it: Run from Olde Knight/Chambley intersection to Olde Knight/Galloway – 0.27 miles – and do 12 burpees, run back 12 burpees, run back 12 burpees, and back 12 burpees. Total: 1 mile-ish and 48 burpees.   Plank for the 6.

Then Mosey to the Tennis Courts.

  • Bear crawl from the fence to a designated line on the courts; x25 BBSUs OYO
  • Bear crawl back to fence; x25 LBC  OYO
  • Plank for the 6
  • Crab walk from fence to line; x25 Russian Twists OYO (double count)
  • Crab walk back; x25 flutter kicks OYO (double count)
  • Plank for YHC
  • Lunge Walk from fence to line; x25 BBSUs OYO
  • Lunge Walk back; x25 LBCs OYO

Jail break back to the flag

@ The flag, YHC grabs his iPhone and opens up Google Play.  Time for the “Chumbaburpee”. According to the F3Nation database:

To the song, Tubthumper by Chumbawampa, start with SSH at beginning of song, then every time they say, “I get knocked down, but i get up again” you do a burpee. While not doing burpees, you are continuously doing SSH. In the end, you will do about 27 burpees. Great for the Warmorama, and to shut down any mumblechatter early in workout, or at any point during the workout.

I was surprised to learn that I didn’t have this one in my collection, but I do now. YHC bit the bullet and bought this classic from 1997. $1.29 on Google Play.

We launched the song with 3 minutes left in the workout and almost made it through this 4:38 track. Next time, we’ll start with this track – it will make a great warm-up.


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  • We had an “ask” from one of our neighbors near the AO. During the Axe last week, the pounding on the tires was a little too loud. Let’s remember when we Q that we are in a neighborhood and we want to continue to be good neighbors. We’ll reevaluate the tire portion of the Axe.
  • Draft Q list for the summer is up on the groupme group. Take a look and let me know if there are conflicts that we need to address.
  • Don’t forget to go ahead and mark calendars for July 7th at the Mission.
  • We have a Guest Q on Thursday. Ok, quasi-guest Q — JarJar. Come out and support.