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Simple but effective 20 and 19 (10 rounds)

12 PAX posted for the first HAMMER workout of 2019.  YHC always enjoys visiting HAMMER because these guys give max effort every time.  You better be prepared for a little ridicule as well.  Here’s the thang!

Conditions:  58 and moist!

Mosey to the drop off line for a little warm up.  All exercises IC.

19  SSH

19 Merkins

19 Squats

19 LBC’s

Mosey to the intersection of Shannon Springs and Satchel Ford Road.

The group is split in half.

Group 1 runs to the first street light on Shannon Springs and back while Group 2 performs 20 Merkins.  Hold plank until Group 1 arrives.  Flap Jack when Group 1 returns.

Next Group 1 runs back to the street light while Group 2 performs 19 LBC’s.  Hold 6″ until Group 1 arrives.  Flap Jack when Group 1 returns.

Rinse and Repeat for 10 rounds.  We didn’t finish in time but ended up doing the final 20 merkins and 38 LBC’s back a the shovel flag.  Simple but effective.



  • Safety is the standard.  It is recommended to purchase a PT belt for reflective gear during a boot camp.  They are on sale at AMAZON for 10.99 for 2 belts.
  • Continue to pray for RA, Michelle, and Gump’s family.
  • Prayers this morning for Frosty’s Mother-in-Law and Gaston’s in-laws.
  • 1.5 miles roughly, 238 Mekins, 228 LBC’s.  All within 45 minutes.  Mission accomplished.