• When: 11/05/15
  • QIC: Seeker
  • The PAX: Kim Jung, Zoot, Betamax, OC, Paperboy, Strudel, Gump, Promo, Pole Position, Robber, Gypsy, Costanza, Happy Trees, Insanity, Traitor, Huffy

Seeker’s “Spiritual” Qwest

Seek and ye shall find; knock, and the door shall be opened unto to you…       KJ Version – not the Kim Jung one, but the King James – although KJ did bring it with today’s Devo

YHC, upon reflection of a Thunder Q pairing following Chaser, quipped that I’d bring the “spiritual” today.  Not sure that happened but 17 – seven-teen – faithful did head out on a qwest west to see what may be found in the gloom. We did find a few Biblical sevens, Shandon Presbyterian, and a “Praying Taj” or a “Praying Perry” – depending on your college colors.

The Thang

  • Warm up lap around the track
  • COP: SSH x 27, Forward Little Arm Circles x 27, Backward Little Arm Circles x 27, 7 Burpees
  • Run to Wheat and Woodrow Intersection for some streetwise…
  • COP: Imperial Walker x 27, Merkins x 27, Squats x 27, and 27 Big Boy Situps
  • Run to Shandon Presbyterian Church steps and partner up for…
  • Iron Crosses x 25 and Decline Merkins x 25, followed by Russian Twists x 25
  • Then into Plank (40 seconds) and Praying Taj or Praying Perry plank (40 seconds) – a low plank with hands raised slightly at a spiritual, prayerful angle. The imagined recovery position after being sacked. 40 seconds = the time limit doled out for the pregame invocation at W-B. Rinse and repeat Praying Taj.
  • Lunge Walk to Blossom
  • Run at 50% sprint speed to King
  • Run at 100% sprint speed to Queen
  • Lunge Walk halfway to park on Queen
  • Blocks! Cusack up the hill with your block to Wheat and Terrace Way
  • Partner Up: Partner 1 does a lap almost to King and back, while Partner 2 does AMRAP of Curls (1st Lap), Triceps (2nd Lap), and Bench Press (3rd Lap), swapping with partner for laps while Partner 1 does aforementioned AMRAPS.
  • Farmer’s Carry back to blockpile
  • Run at a good clip to parking lot, sprinting at Blossom
  • Back just in time for further prayers, Praying Taj x 2 in the grass by the track

COT – count-o-rama, name-o-rama. No FNGs today.

Ball of Man — Seeker

Devotional – KJ – strong words on using strong words from the strong leader himself

Naked Man Moleskin:

Likewise strong work by the pax and a mostly gracious and mumble-free chatter of the YHC’s fledgling counts. A spiritual qwest of sorts – nonetheless!  Thanks for joining me on the journey!


  • New F3 Columbia Flood Relief shirts
  • Blue Falcon Launch – new Ruck workout on Wednesday, 5:30 at Dreher
  • Expansion Saturday – Augusta, Savannah, and Knoxville – post or pray to help support the expansion wave
  • Christmas Party 12.15.15 at King’s Grant or McLovin’s
  • Be on the lookout for roofing service opp. Saturday
  • Flood recovery will be a long one for so many – continue to keep those folks in prayer

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