• When: 06/14/17
  • QIC: Fountainhead
  • The PAX: RA, Garnish, Gaston, Collar, Detour& F'head

#Scramble Mile

A challenge is a hard thing to pass up.  So when Gaston tapped me last week for a Q and then tee’d up the #Ramble 5K plan for Friday it seemed like the perfect chance to knock out the #MyMile Strava challenge and see if anyone could post a new PR.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt to pick that mile carefully.

Conditions: 68-ish and Famously humid


From Trenholm Plaza, head up Forest Drive to Clemson.  The mile challenge of the day was the downhill distance from Forest to Trenholm on Clemson (which is just under a mile so make sure to drag the distance a bit).  At the corner of Clemson and Trenholm, the route turned left to Erskine and another left headed back toward Clemson again.  But, to keep things a little more interesting, we headed up Furman all the way to Winthrop before hooking left to tie back into Clemson.  From there it was simply a matter of cresting the hill again and turning right down Forest for the home stretch back to Trenholm Plaza.  A twofer… a 5K in distance (or a bit more) with a speed mile thrown into the middle.  Don’t forget to name your Strava activity with #MyMile to get entered to win some new shoes.



As stated above, the #Ramble5K is Friday and so #Scramble, by edict of Gaston, will be closed down to encourage the faithful to post at Shandon Pres this Friday the 16th.  Spread the word.

F3Dads will follow on Friday at 7:30, DHS so make it a doubledown with your 2.0s

June 30th is #TheMission picnic.  Be there.

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