• When: 05/10/17
  • QIC: Fountainhead
  • The PAX: Kitty, Implant, Furlough, Thurston, Gaston (+Belle), Pinkman, FadeToBlack, Turtle & F'head

#Scramble 10K

With little to no fanfare, #Scramble jumped on the 10K bandwagon testing out a diverse route of flats & hills.  It was good.

Conditions: The last, perhaps, of the 60 degree mornings…  ‘gonna be hot by Friday.


#Scramble 10K

  • Left out of Trenholm Plaza onto Trenholm Road
  • Right on Converse
  • Right on West Buchanan, which becomes East Buchanan, which becomes Heatherwood which becomes Cedarwood with narry a turn to be made
  • Left on Devereaux
  • Left on Kilbourne
  • Left on Shady Lane
  • Left on Quail Lane
  • Right on Forest Ridge
  • Right on Trenholm for the blaze back to Trenholm Plaza
  • Loop the parking lot as needed to tap 6.22 Miles and take the trophy on @Strava.



  • Big league #Convergence planned for Saturday, 7:00 at Dreher.  You’re going to want to be there.
  • Prayer Request for McNuggett’s M who fell while running.



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