• When: 05/09/17
  • QIC: Fountainhead
  • The PAX: Roscoe, Filter, Hustler, OBC, Renfrow, Termite, Schweddy, SLED, BallBoy, Neighbor, RipCord, Nails, Goose, RonBurgundy, MoonRiver, JB, Pinkeye, Cheesy, Robber, Logo, Heartbreaker, Dusty, Woody, TwoBuck, Nap & F'head

A Lonely #Brickpile Backblast

#Backblasts have become rare as Jackelopes for #Brickpile and so the following is submitted as an example.  Not a good example or a bad example… merely an example that is.  An existential example, if you will.

Conditions: Ridiculously perfect for a morning in the #Gloom

The Thang:

Taking it to the field, the pax circled up for a quick warmup of the following:

SSH X 25, 4CT IC
Burpees X 10, OYO
Mountain Climbers X 25, 4CT IC

Upon becoming warm, the group continued (#moseyed) around DHS to the namesake pile of bricks.  SCORE had gotten there first, because they’re super fast, and verbally claimed the heavier masonry.  Out of pity, though really because we knew their workout would be horribly terrible with more weight, the #Brickpile guys grabbed bricks instead leaving the CMU for SCORE.  With them we did curls and lined up along the long curb of the staff parking lot.

The bulk of the morning was occupied with a series that exchanged the introductory exercise but was otherwise painfully repetitive.  An exercise was called, Curls being the first, of which the pax did 20 OYO.  From there, each man ran to the middle of the parking lot and did a set of 10 Mercans before running back to the curb.  The called exercise was repated, 20 OYO again, and then the pax ran to the far side of the lot for 20 Mercans before returning to the starting point.  Thus each rep included a mini suicide with 10 and then 20 Mercans at the turn.

With that explanation, the exercises,  were thus and so:

Curls X 20 Each Arm (twice given the sequence above)
Squats X 20
BBSUs X 20
Overhead Press X 20
Lunges X 20, 10 Each Leg
Sky Ups X 20

With all the running around, that took a full half of the morning but a break was needed and so the pax left their bricks where they lay and ran back around to #HollywoodSquares for the following:

Step Ups X 20, 10 Each Leg, OYO
Rosalita from the Square X 10, 4CT IC
Decline Mercans X 10, 4CT IC
Flutter Kicks from the Square X 10, 4CT IC
Dips X 10, 4CT IC
Freddie Mercurys X 10, 4CT IC

With that the bricks were getting cold and lonely so we all headed back around DHS to our places along the curb and really just did the same thing all over again.  Time consuming though the series was, the following still got done… except instead of Mercans, 10s and 20s at the turn, we did LBC’s with bricks so as to rest the arms:

Curls X 20 Each Arm
Squats X 20
Sky Ups X 20

Putting up the bricks and while mocking the SCORE guys who were clearly suffering for their claim to the blocks, there was a little planking going on.  Oh, and we did Mercans, too, which were terrible.

The pax then moseyed back around DHS and, as the clock expired, there was a race to get in some more Sky Ups (20-ish) before time was called.  Robber said it YHC’s best work but I thought I’d done pretty good.  Just think… next time we’ll get the blocks.



CONVERGENCE!!!  It’s become rare but we’re bringing the whole of F3Columbia back to it’s roots on Saturday to kick off the summer.  You will want to be there.  But, if you have loyalties to the Get in the Pink race, that too is on May 13th.  Go do that if you are so led.  Either way, get up Saturday and do some work… and then meet us for #Coffeeteria.

Please keep Driveby in your thoughts and prayers as his mother battles cancer.  Support a brother.  He’d be there for you, if roles were reversed, and you all know it.

T-Claps and Thank you to OBC for leading the SCORE pax so well this year.  T-Claps and Hoorah for Neighbor stepping up to receive the #ShovelFlag as the new AOQ for the workout.  F3 runs on the backs of men who step forward.  Thank you both.


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