• When: 7/14/15
  • QIC: BigTime
  • The PAX: Cousteau, OBC, Secret Squirrel, BigTime

SCORE gets a Baseline

YHC thought it was a good day to get a Baseline Reading on all the Pax. so we put together a PT test to get a read on our Fitness level.  Thought is that we will evaluate atleast once a quarter to see our improvement.

Conditions – 70 and Sticky

The Thang:


SSH – X 25

Forward and Reverse Arm Circles – X 20

Imperial Walkers – X 20

Stretch what you need to Stretch

For the PT Test: Partner up – All Exercises are 2 Min Max Reps.  Your Partner will Spot and Correct for Form.  As well as keep the Count.  Below are the Results:

PAX Merkins
BigTime 55
Cousteau 65
OBC 60
Secret Squirrel 52
PAX Overhead Tricep Extension
BigTime 65
Cousteau 47
OBC 47
Secret Squirrel 30
PAX Squats
BigTime 78
Cousteau 90
OBC 69
Secret Squirrel 75
PAX Curls For The Girls
BigTime 100
Cousteau 70
OBC 83
Secret Squirrel 70
PAX Big Boy Situps
BigTime 42
Cousteau 42
OBC 58
Secret Squirrel 45
PAX Military Shoulder Press
BigTime 70
Cousteau 86
OBC 55
Secret Squirrel 46
*all exercises done for 2 Minutes – Max Reps

Great Job Today – Max effort was given and this ended up being a lot tougher that I imagined.  We each excelled in our own areas – we also Found areas where we could all Improve.  I encourage everyone who missed today to get a baseline at home.  You can email me your results and I will include them in the Spreadsheet for future reference.


Contact Termite for Directions and location of Palmetto Place Open House – Tonight – 7/14


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