• When: 2020-01-21
  • QIC: Nails
  • The PAX: BallBoy, SLED, OBC, Toby, Pele, Lumen

SCORE beats the cold weather

Conditions- 27 and breezy

Always good to be back in the Midlands and lead the SCORE guys.

Given the below freezing temps and breeze, YHC put a priority on keeping the Pax warm, so we started with

30 SSH, then moseyed a few yards and started a ladder of exercises, all in cadence

30 SSH plus 25 Imperial walkers and mosey to next corner for

30 SSH+25 IW+20 Flutter kicks and mosey to next corner for

30 SSH+25IW+20 Flutters+15 Squats and mosey for

30SSH+25IW+20 Flutters+15 Squats+10 LBC and mosey for

30SSH+25IW+20Flutters+15 Squats+10 LBC+5 Merkins and mosey for

25IW+20Flutters+15+Squats+10LBC+5Merkins and mosey for

20Flutters+15Squats+10LBC+5Merkins and mosey for

15Squats+10LBC+5Merkins and mosey to AO to join with Brickpile for

25LBC and 25 Freddie Mercuries plus a total of 1.14 miles

YHC lost count a few times.

The active mumblechatter did not include the cold weather. Mission Accomplished!

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