• When: 02-09-2021
  • QIC: Garnish
  • The PAX: Boo Boo, Dos Equis, Zima, Leon, Misfire, Bindy, Wally, Collar, Duckie, Billy Bob, Mcnugget, Stretch

Saying Hello to Some Old Friends

13 PAX showed up at the new old home of Hammer at Trenholm Park. Some of the newer PAX may not have been familiar with everything this AO location has to offer, so YHO arranged a tour to get everyone reacquainted.

Conditions: 48 degrees, clear, dry, perfect for a beatdown

The Thang:

Warmup-10 SSH IC, 10 imperial walkers IC, 10 merkins

Mosey over to Dumpster Hill for a burpee lader. Start at the bottom and run to the top for 10, back down for 9, etc (#crowdpleaser). LBCs at the top while waiting for the 6, then 30 flutter kicks IC.

Back to the park for 10 box jumps on the benches (best in town, plenty of room to space everyone out), 10 pull-ups (no bars at Lowes) and 10 iron crosses. Rinse and repeat then 30 flutter kicks IC.

Mosey past the tennis courts back on to Ivy Hall Dr and back to the Ivy Hall Loop. Partner one runs a loop, partner 2 does the exercise, then alternate. 4 laps each (merkins, squats, BBS, exercise of choice).

Head back to the flag with just enough time for 30 more flutter kicks IC. Hopefully this tour will jog the memory of some of the elder PAX to bring back some old classics and inspire the newer PAX to create their own new workouts and make their own mark at Trenholm Park.

COT-make your donations to Souper Bowl of Caring


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