• When: 12/26/15
  • QIC: Betamax
  • The PAX: Sister Wife, Cornstache, Beads, Pele, Grillz, Betamax

Say My Name, Say My Name

When YHC found out he was on the Q approximately 12 hours before the workout he headed to the Lexicon and got the idea of some narcissistic work.  Using the letters of the PAX-given name led to some new ideas…and some crappy ones.

66 degrees and as much humidity as you can stand should have been ideal…so where were all the fartsackers?!?

Here’s the hurt we did:

Mosey to the back/top field for a brief COP.

20 LBAC Forward IC
20 LBAC Backward IC
20 Flutter Kicks IC

Head to the goal posts for ‘Say My Name’ – 7 exercises down the field, each is a 15 count unless otherwise instructed.

B – Body Builders – a burpee with a merkin AND a plank-jack at the bottom – Grillz pointed out I should have chosen Big Boy Sit Ups…he was right…these sucked

E – Elevens – (1) Merkin then (10) Air Presses, counting down(or up) to (10) Merkins and (1) Air Press – there aren’t enough exercises that start with ‘E’

T – Tuck Jumps – you know what those are

A – Air Squared – Overhead Air Claps while in Air Chair

M – Monkey Humpers – how did these even become a thing, anyway?

A – Alternating Shoulder Taps – from plank, touch left shoulder with right hand then right shoulder with left hand

X – XYs – 4-count where 1&2 are Rosalitas and 3&4 are Flutters – these should become a more regular thing

Rinse and Repeat x 4

Mosey to the blocks

20 Curls IC

15 Rows IC

20 Bench Press IC (Grillz got his hopes up but was disappointed when no teeth were damaged)

Rinse and Repeat x 3

Put the blocks up and Mosey to the front of the school for…

Five Minutes of Mary – Dealers Choice

Betamax – 20 Flutter IC

Grillz – 20 Imperial Walkers IC

Beads – Elevator Merkins

Sisterwife – 20 Hello Dolly IC

Pele – 20 Squats IC

Cornstache – 20 Russian Twists IC

Betamax – 20 Flutter IC




Charlotte convergence 1/1 – get with Robber or Chaser if you’re interested

Columbia convergence 1/2 – Finlay Park – time TBD

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