• When: 12/23/15
  • QIC: Cesspool
  • The PAX: Bundy, Traitor, Gump, Turtle

Santa’s #Ramble 10K not washed out!

Twas two nights before the Jolly Old Elf was to arrive.
YHC tossed and turned about how to get Rample Pax to thrive.

Then what to my wondering mind should appear,
But many hills, distance, and Bundy running like a deer.

On Bundy, On Gump, On Turtle as they flew,
Hopefully Santa brings shoes that are brand new!

While Traitor and Cess pulled up the rear,
All these #Ramble dudes deserve new gear!

Conditions: 65 rainy, then pouring, then drizzling, then pouring, then rainy. You get the picture!

Devine to Harden
Right on Harden (nice hill up Harden)
Left on Calhoun (STEEP hill!)
Left on Main (to see the Christmas Tree)
Around the Statehouse and left on Pendleton
Right on Senate
Left into and through the Horseshoe (beginning of the 4th mile)
Right on Barnwell (nice little downhill)
Quick Right on Greene
Quicker Left on Barnwell (STEEP downhill)
Left on Blossom (through 5 points and past the BB&T)
Left on Hilton (nice little hill)
Right on Devine (still climbing)
Right on Heidt (easy downhill)
Left on Blossom
Left on Meadow (nice little climb again)
Right on Devine
Right on Queen (nice little downhill)
Left on Blossom (final uphill)
Left on King
Right on Devine (back to the House SPC)

BOM: The Professional GUMP! was put on the spot because YHC wouldn’t have done this justice given the time of year. Thanks for stepping up.

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