• When: 2018-10-30
  • QIC: Rudder
  • The PAX: Ikea (respect), Valdez, Daddy Warbucks, Gepetto, Cottontail, Haggle

Rudder Birthday Q


Turning 56 and Q-ing was a birthday wish! Dreams do come true. And it was a party, in worst way. Dark chilly and damp. Yea, just like I wanted it.


Gloomy: 51 degrees, humid, dewey and humid. (Yea, i know I said it twice)

Since no FNG, abbreviated disclaimer……Let’s hit it!


Lots of typical warm-ups.

SSH x 18

IW x 18

Squats x 18

Merkins x 18

Pax guessing why 18, Examples: I was born in 1918? or 18 presidents? (Very funny).

Squats with Blocks x 18

More Merkins x 18


Answer: Rudder was born in 1962. Add those digits and……18!

The Thang

Rudder trivia. Multiple choice. Stand by the cone A, B or C.  The correct answer does Merkins while the losers do 5 Burpees.

Rudder born in: A) Niagara Falls, B) Bedford Falls or C) Constantly Falls (i fall a lot).

In 1962 Motel 6 opened. On opening day: A) rooms 6 bucks, B) They actually left on a light that stayed on or C) The mattress’s still felt like they were 20 yrs. old.

Which celebrity was also born in 1962: A) Tom Cruse B) Jon Bon Jovi or C) John Stewart. (all of them) everyone did burpees.

There were a couple more but I lost the winkie sheet and have forgoton (see reference to my age above).

1962 Milestones:

Spiderman first appearance – 18 Peter Parkers

Brazil Beat Czechoslovakia 3-1  – 3 Block Big Boys and 1 chest press x 18 (cue the mumblechatter).

Town of Vail incorporated – Slalom jumping over all the concrete roll-stops in the parking lot.

John Glenn 1st American to orbit the earth in Friendship 7 – Partner (Friend) getups 18 each pax.

Beverly Hillbillys airs – Hillbillys 18 IC

Silicone Breast implants first installed – Sun Gods IC x 18

Houston Astrodome breaks ground. True to Texan form, instead of shovels they use 6 shooters – Pax does 6 minutes of Mary.

Space Needle completed – Moseyed to the tree line which is 605 feet away. Then Moseyed back. More mumblechatter. “couldn’t you have pointed to the tree line?”

Return Blocks and Bricks and Counterama (7) Namerama, COT & Ball of Man.

In 1962 Peter Fechter was shot and eventually died while attempting to run across the barbed wire separation and over the wall dividing East Berlin from the rest of the free world. His became a symbol and cause for the inhumanity of the Communist Party. A memorial was put in place on the West Berlin side of the wall. With his name and the words “he just wanted freedom”

So just before our Ball of Man, we took 18 seconds of silence to remember everyone around the world that will literally die to be free, and for all our men & women who have served in our armed forces (including our own Cottontail) that protect our freedoms.