• When: 2018-11-03
  • QIC: Hope Solo
  • The PAX: Protégé (2.0), Abbacus, Sacagawea (Respect), Flight Risk, Crackhead (Respect), Goblin (2.0), Tommy Boy (2.0), Sapling (2.0), Toadstool (2.0), Tree Bark, Tweetsie, (Tweetsie’s daughter—she couldn’t remember her F3 name), Ponzi, “Grassy” Weed, Captain (2.0), Abby Wambach (Respect), Boris (2.0), Skipper, Timber, and Jitterbug (2.0)

Kickball—F3 style

After some beat-downs from Schrute and Wojo, the QIC decided we needed a fun little break to celebrate with our family by playing an old fashioned game of Kickball….F3 Style. 21 total went off campus to meet at the fields behind the Camden High School Wellness Center. (I guess I should have been a little more specific about that….)

Warm-A-Rama: All in Cadence.

  1. Jog 30 yards; High Knees back.
  2. Jog 30 yards; Butt Kicks back.
  3. Karaoke 30 yards; Karaoke back.
  4. Windmills X 12
  5. SSH x 12
  6. Copper Head Squat x 12.

The Thang: Grabbed the bases from Skipper and moseyed to the back practice field at CHS where a makeshift Kickball field was erected for the Pax. Counted off and formed two teams. Here are the kickball rules—F3 Style.

  1. While Batting:
    1. On Deck player leads a Mini-Q by calling whatever exercise wanted for the PAX waiting to kick.
    2. You only got two rolls from the pitcher to put it in play.
    3. While on base, different exercise for each base. Try to knock out as many of the exercises as you can before being advanced to next base:
      1. 1st—10 Merkins
      2. 2nd—20 Squats
  • 3rd—30 Side Straddle Hops.
  1. While on Defense:
    1. The Pitcher must lead his team with 5 SSHs before pitching the ball to each batter.
    2. Dropped fly ball earns entire team 3 burpees.
    3. Give up a homerun—in park or out of park—results in entire batting team running the bases while fielding team does burpees until all runners make it around the bases.
    4. Must tag or force out a 2.0; feel free to hit a PAX with the dodgeball while they ran the bases.
  2. 3 outs like normal Kickball/Baseball. No leads off bases and no stealing of bases.

Despite the other team being up by 1 for most of the game, the good guys won in the bottom of the inning. We then picked up the cones and joined for COT, Counteramma, and BOM.

Big Thanks to Skipper who coordinate the cones, bases, and field for the Kickball. Saturday workouts are long—I hope the QICs will incorporate more of these fun activities for the PAX and 2.0s to enjoy.