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Roscoe’s Revenge!

26 Faithful Pax joined Roscoe for a little revenge this AM on the Dreher proving grounds. It was a spirited workout with lots of movement and a quick pace. Perfect breeze too!

Conditions: 59 degrees & windy. Perfect!

SSH x 30 (4 ct)
Merkins x 20 (4ct)
Jump Squats x 10
Mtn Climbers x 25 (4 ct)
Jump Squats x 10
Merkins x 18 (4ct)
Jump Squats x 10

Run 2 laps around school and meet at Hollywood Squares
Dips x 12 (4 ct)
Decline Merkins x 12 (4 ct)
Box Jumps x 10
Superman Crunch x 12 (4 ct)
Box Jumps x 10
Decline Merkins x 12 (4 ct)
Box Jumps x 10

Line up along tree line
Sprint 60 yds
10 Burpees, 25 SSH
Sprint 50 yds to Big Oak
25 Merkins, 25 sit ups
Rinse Repeat x 2
Sprint 60 yds
25 Mt Climbers, 25 SSH
15 Merkins, 15 Sit ups

Mosey to Brickpile
Curls x 20 (4ct)
Bend Over Rows x 15 (4ct)
Raise the Roof x 10 Merkins 10 down to 1 Brick raises 1-10
Sit ups x 25
Boat Canoe x 5 Hold it last one 10 seconds


BOM: Led By Roscoe. Special prayer of thanks on Clay Timbes and the Timbes family on Clay’s last radiation and chemo treatment.

• Great group this AM. Perfect weather too! The breeze felt great running the sprints on the football field.
• Woody announced that Clay’s last radiation treatment is this week and thanked all the F3 brothers for their support during this difficult time.
• Remember Dean Wormers ( aka Dean Tim Jones) Monday Bible Study at Trinity Noon Monday’s $10 for lunch. Lots of F3 folks there. Come join us.
• Robber was noticeably quiet today. Not sure what was going on. Maybe he hadn’t had his coffee yet….. Roscoe was a little offended….
• Welcome back Jordache. Great to see you my man! Come back more often!
• Logo has the Q on Thursday.


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