• When: 03/01/17
  • QIC: Pondo
  • The PAX: DoubleDown, Spot, Teddy, OnRamp, Lederhosen, Pondo

Rolling Turkish Get Ups Out of NATO

6 Men posted at the Yard in the unusually warm March 1st gloom for a mildly entertaining, but totally nasty KB workout with YHC with some Pres. Trump inspired names for the exercises.

Conditions: Is it summer?

the Thang: Warm up with a group mosey around the Circus Maximus followed by some KB revolutions: Halos, slingshots, around the world, figure 8’s, hunchbacks. 10 each way OYO.

Double Arm KB Swings x 20, Bell Merkins x 10 (each arm) squats x 20 All OYO
BBSU’s x 20, Single Leg Deadlift x 10 (each leg), Waiter Press x 10 (each arm) All OYO
Curls x 40, Triceps Exts. x 40, Calf Raises x 40. all OYO

Repeal and Replace

Fair Trade Chest Press x 30, Russian Telephone Call Twists x 30, Bigly Squat Thrusters x 15, Rolling Turkish Get Ups Out of NATO x 15. All OYO

Recovery Set with Policy Detail Raise the Roofs w/o KB x 20, Private School Voucher KB Leg lifts (lift leg with KB on foot to pee on public schools), Mass Deportation Snatches x 10 (each arm), Minorities I now pretend to be friends with KB Pull Ups- Pull up with KB on foot x 5 (each foot) (raise them up, then step on them). All OYO

Fake News Rows x 15 (each arm). Orange Haired SuperMan’s (because only Pres. Trump knows how to save our country) on YHC’s count.

Finished up with 2 Minutes of Melania: LBC’s w/KB 1 min. Boat/Canoe w/KB for 1 min.

BOM and Devo by Pondo Can we be spiritual leaders like Paul with tact and diplomacy?

Moleskin: This is YHC’s 2nd KB workout inspired by POTUS45 and 3rd such workout to date since 1/20. Based on the past 40 days, YHC likely will not run out of material. the Pax enjoy a little creativity and even had an informal discussion on healthcare policy. I bet you can’t find that inside a gym.

Announcements: Myrtle Beach Marathon this weekend. Thoughts and prayers for KennyG and Lederhosen. Go get it boys!

Prayer Requests: OnRamp’s family is traveling. KennyG and Lederhosen above. CrabDaddy is recovering and hopes to be back in the gloom soon.

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