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Robber's Cherry Pie

35 strong — including five FNG’s — were on hand on this hot, humid, and glorious June morning to bear witness to Robber’s debut as Qrusader In Charge. When he began with “10 Burpees,” we all knew he was ready.

Conditions: 81 degrees (at 0545), clear, and humid

The Thang:

COP: 6 Rounds, EMOTM (Every minute on the minute)
x10 Burpees

Logo’s Loop
At Kitty Clinic, 5 minute AMRAP (As many reps as possible)
5x Sit-ups,10x Merkins, 15x Squats. Rinse and repeat at Adger corner

Sprint last 150 yards to Heartbreaker’s Brick Pile:
10x Overhead Squats
10x Pick’em Up, Put’em Down
15x Curls
10x Shrugs
10x Bentover Rows
15x Benchpress

Mary Dealer’s Choice
Enough boat/canoe by Logo to make me puke
Various nasty planking exercises by Splinter
Lots-o Mountain Climbers by Sheets to finish out the morning


Ball of Man


  • Well done by Robber on his virgin Q!
  • Five FNGs is the most since January 19th, the day Dredd and company came to see what the heck was causing all the excitement in Columbia. We had 10 FNGs that day.
  • Two FNG’s posted today as a direct result of our group participation in the Get In The Pink event. Welcome Belding and Crack.
  • Robber says his #Weinke (check the Lexicon) called for 10×10 Burpees to start the day, but he got winded about halfway through and cut it short to 6×10. The pax cared not.
  • FNG TwoADay: “I went to a ‘military college in New York.'” Ummm, that would be West Point. #humility
  • SubPrime: “Amble group run meets at 0545 at Kathwood. There’s a new sheriff in town.”
  • Bluegrass: Junior Achievement 5K Friday July 21. $25 registration until 6/15, $30 after that. Race is at 1930.
  • Sway: Family cookout on 6/22 at Heartbreaker’s house.

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