• When: 10/01/15
  • QIC: Squint
  • The PAX: BackDraft, Stretch, SilverBullet, Bubs, SideSaddle, FroYo, Showgirl, Chewy, BackHoe, LoveSeat, PaperCut, Odyssey, OnRamp, RestStop, Pondo, Squint

Pyramids and Blocks

16 men braved the cool and windy gloom for a VQ by Squint with a little help from YHC.  The rest of this BB from Conditions to COT is all Squint.  YHC is merely assisting in posting due to technical difficulties.

Conditions: 65 degrees with an occasional drizzle.
16 pax showed up to get better this morning.  Good work was done by all.

The Thang
Mosey to field.

COP: (all IC)
SSH x 20
IW x 20
LBAC forward x 15 and backward x 15

Line up on basketball court facing field for pyramid circuit to be completed as fast as possible.  Line was set 20 yards into field for running back and forth between sets.  Drop and do 25 merkins, sprint 20 yards and do 25 double-count Russian twists, run back for 20 merkins, run and do 20 russian twists, same for sets of 15 and 10 then hold plank till the six arrives.

Mosey to blocks, each man gets 1 cinder block.

Circuit #1 OYO with blocks:
10 lat rows right arm
10 lat rows left arm
10 curls for the girls
10 clean/overhead press
Hold boat seated on block when finished.

Agility drill, jump side to side over block AMRAP for sixty seconds.

Circuit #2 OYO with blocks:
10 squats holding block to chest
10 derkins with feet on block
10 clean/overhead press
Hold boat on block when finished.

20 squats holding block OYO

Gun show, AMRAP curls with block for 60 seconds.

Partner up, one partner holds feet in place while other does OYO 5 BBSitups with block on chest immediately chased by 10 BBSitups without block. Switch.

*****Hold plank for sixty seconds in silence to honor Officer Greg Alia who was killed in the line of duty yesterday, following the minute of silence pax prayed for his wife and son.*****

Partner 1 carries two cinderblocks 30 yards down and 30 yards back while partner 2 alternates 10 mountain climbers and 10 SSHs continuously until he returns, immediately switch roles. RINSE AND REPEAT.

Ten shoulder shrugs holding blocks IC.

Replace blocks and mosey back to basketball court for another pyramid to be completed as fast as possible with two lines 20 yards apart.  This time mountain climbers and flutter kicks, sets of 20/20, 15/15, 10/10, 5/5 sprinting back and forth between sets. Hold plank till six finishes.

Hand off Q to Pondo for some Mary all IC (thanks Pondo)
BBSitups x 15
LBC’s x 20
Freddie Mercuries x 30
Chaser LBCs x 25
Hello Dollies x 20
Russian Twists x 30


BOM by Squint

Devo by Squint

Moleskin: Squint really killed it today.  Great VQ.  TheShed is building leaders.  We have more VQ’s in store.  Let’s Keep Getting Better.

Announcements: October is Sad Clown Month at #TheShed.  The pax who brings the most FNG’s this month will receive a free bar tab on YHC at the HDHH of his choosing in November.  Let’s really try to get more guys to post.  MudRun sign ups close in 2 days.  Sign up to run or to volunteer.  Let’s support Heist as F3nation MudRun Q.  Stumble is putting together P200 teams.  Check with Beacon if interested.  PaperCut is killing it with GritIron.  Post on Mondays at 5;30 to see what it’s all about (KB’s and agility).  PaperCut continues on Tuesday nights at 6 and 7 with a book study based on Phillipians at Eastminster Pres.

Prayer Requests: Family of Officer Alia, the FAPD and the community.  Showgirl’s friend Glenn is in stage 4 cancer.  Southeastern seaboard is about to get hit with some really bad weather.


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