• When: 10/01/15
  • QIC: Polo
  • The PAX: Polo, Big Worm, Dry Heave, Mulch, Sheets, Michelle, Nelly, Strom, Choo-choo, Spread, Korn with a K, Snowbird

Meeting with #Hammer at FAPD

Originally, the workout planned for #Swampfox included a 30 minute AMRAP MudRun prep. After yesterday’s tragedy, Splinter texted me with the idea (from Turtle) of audibling our plan to include a run down to FAPD. Here we met with the men from Hammer for a kneel down and prayer outside the car from Officer Alia. Very emotional moment for the pax. Thanks for including us, Hammer.

Conditions- 65
The Thang (from what I remember)

Run down Clemson to Converse.
IW- 10X IC
High Knees- 15X IC
SSH Burpees 5 times 5X IC/2 Burpees

Sprint to Citadel Park
Merkins 10X IC
Squats 10X IC
LBC’s 10X IC

Sprint around the park with 10 burpees, 20 BB situps, bear crawl 30 yards, 30 Merkins, 40 setups, and 10 pull-ups- This is the Triangle.

Flutters into LBC’s.

Sprint to Coker via Citadel. Merkins 10X IC into plank into WAM 10X IC into plank into Diamond Merkins 8X IC

Sprint to Trenholm. Run to Gas station
Squats 10X IC
Lunges 20 OYO
Backward Lunges 20 OYO

Converge with Hammer Pax in Parking Lot

2 Ranks, Shoulder-to-Shoulder, arm over arm
Lunge March in Cadence to Front Lawn on FAPD/Town Hall

All men kneel and join in guided silent prayer time for Officer Greg Alia, his life, his service, his courage, his sacrifice, his family, wife and young son, and for peace and justice in our community

Back to Coker. Sprint one block. Russian Twists 20X IC.

Sprint one block. Merkins 10X IC into Plank into CDD 10X IC

Sprint one block. 25X Russian Twists, 20 Vups OYO

Spring back to CMS. 1.5 minutes burpees and run back to COT

COT led by Polo
BOM led by Korn with a K

Powerful morning. See Hammer’s BB for the full description. Please keep Officer Alia’s family, FAPD, and the community in your thoughts and prayers.

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