• When: 2018-07-03
  • QIC: Duckie
  • The PAX: Wally, Adobe (welcome back!), Hawg, Goosefire, Duckie, BooBoo, ChopShop, Fade to Black, Collar, Apple, Eldrich, McNugget

Pre-4th Workout

Conditions: 77

YHC was honored to prep the PAX for our nation’s birthday and wore his best Red, White, and Blue attire. The workout incorporated the prestigious date, 7/4 1776, although YHC struggled to really make those numbers work well with anything. The result was a fast turnaround on the exercises, but this got everyone’s heart rate up with little time for rest.

Shout out to Adobe for showing up again, great work to just keep pushing!

The Thang


Warm-up = 7 burpies at 4 locations around the baseball diamond (7/4)

Grab a set of bricks and head to the top of Landrum hill.

A set consisted of 3 exercises, Merkin Rows, Curls, Overhead Press with the blocks. Run 1/3 the way down Landrum and back up to begin next set, first set was 17 reps, 2nd was 7 reps, 3rd was 6 reps for each exercise. Flutters until the PAX finish.

Mosey to the bottom of Landrum hill. Mc Nugget led us in a very patriotic recitation of the pledge facing the flag. This is quickly becoming a Hammer tradition. 3 new exercises, BBS, American Hammers, and Squats. Run 1/3 up the hill and back. 17 reps, 7 reps, 6 reps.

Head to put away bricks as time expires.

COT and BOM by YHC.


Please keep Micheal Lofton (F3 Pony) in your thoughts and prayers as he lost his mother over the weekend.

Armory at 6AM, Amble is meeting 6:30 AM at Egg’s Up (Devine). Thursday Q called an audible, Eldrich will lead Hammer for Gaston.