• When: 2018-07-03
  • QIC: Happy Trees, Nub
  • The PAX: TnG, Belding, Babe, Gaga, Aisle 5, Polecat, Matlock, Daisy, Stay Puff, Nub, Happy Trees

Improptu Co Q complete with sweat and man touching.

YHC had been planning what he was hoping to be “Sweat Fest” 2018. A work snafu with M caused the Q’s time to be shortened and YHC had to seek out a pinch Q for the bottom of the 9th. Nub stepped up for an impromptu co-Q. Nub is and always will be the kind of PAX you can count on..unless you have to run in a relay or something (then it is fourth alternate status er’day). What ensued next was a conglamoration of burpees, sweat, disdain, merlot, hills and 11 PAX all mixed up in the same bowl of steamy man meat. Also, there was man touching near the end apparently.


Conditions: It’s SC in July, no explanation needed.



Traveling COP:

15 SSH IC, 2 Burpees. Run to corner of gym bearing towards Ole Smokey

10 Merkins OYO, 2 Burpees, all out run to the top of Smokey, Cover yourself in cheese.

Just kidding. We didn’t have cheese.

On ole smokey, 20 Squats OYO, 2 burpees and Mosey to the bottom of Hash Hill.

From short side to short side of the parking lot

5 burpees, sprint. Rinse and repeat 4x

Bear Crawl short side then recover to block pile and grab a block.

Cusack to the bottom of Hash Hill

10 Merkins at bottom, carry block halfway up Hash

10 Block squats, back down

10 Curls for the Girls

BBS waiting on the 6.

20 Merkins

Run halfway up all out (no block) 20 Squats

20 Curls for the Girls

BBS for the six.

Due to YHC limited time the switch off needed to be made soon. Mosey to put up the block and then 5 burpees at the bottom of the hill. Run to the top, 5 final burpees. There was a slight pause in the middle for merlot investigation.

From Nub:

Mosey around towards the bus parking stopping to do Iron Crosses x10 OYO

Mosey further for 10x IC flutter kicks. Slow it down from 7-10 and mosey to walkway at school entrance

For 20 LBC OYO.

Mosey around corner toward the flag (I really just took this route to see if I saw the skunk).  10 FK’s IC slow it down at the end again.

Down stairs to the gym entrance a split into groups of 4. Interlock arms and do calf raises x3 on every other step as a group. Mosey around ramp to base of Ole Smokey to finish with 5 burpees and then back to shovel flag.



JULY 25th, Feed the B-L band. More details to come.

Sweet Baby 5k August 4

Stomp the Swamp August 25th.


Prayer request:

SK/Doodle, Ronald Black, Nancy Buzhardt