• When: 2019-11-14
  • QIC: Cesspool
  • The PAX: Pop Tart, Strudel, Eistein, Huffy, Costanza, Mud Dawg, Drive By, Oscar, Jenny, Insanity, Commodore, Spot, McLovin, Lug Nut.

Oldie but a goodie at THUNDER!

15 PAX posted to see what Pop Tart and Strudel had to offer.  However, YHC switched with the famous duo because they picked me up for a future Q.  Certainly happy to fill in for these two.  Strudel began with the disclaimer and then turned it over to YHC.  A little confusion but all shook out ok.

Let’s GO!
Depart out of the parking lot and head immediately toward Emily Douglas.
Stop at the Amphitheater for short warm up.
15 SSI (IC)
15 Merkins (IC)
15 LBC’s (IC)
15 Squats (IC)
Instructions are given at this time.  YHC called this workout a few years ago and it was not received with the kindest regards.  Soooooo, let’s do it again.
50 of each exercise below
Box Jumps (in the Amphitheater)
LBC’s at the corner of King and Blossom
Plank Jacks at the corner of Queen and Blossom
Run through the entrance to Emily Douglas
then 40 of each, 30 of each, 20 of each, 10 of each.  Before making it back to the amphitheater, perform 10 pull ups on the playground each round.  This takes up basically all the time.  Very simple, but effective.  Ruins calves!