• When: 11/21/15
  • QIC: Hot Tub
  • The PAX: Senator, Two Gloves, Honey Do, Hatter, Purple Pony, Purple Pappi, Gepetto, Speedbump, Floater, Kamakaze, Cheesesteak, Shuttlecock, Prairie Dog, Tweetsie, Viagra, Staph, Rhonda, Hot Tub

Nov NE Convergence

18 men between the 2 NE AOs gathered in a first actual quite brisk morning for the monthly NE convergence.  Moaning and mumblechatter started almost immediately when many PAX soon found out that YHC had the Q. Sure to pack a punch and some already thought they had figured out some things that would have to be on YHC’s mind to implement pain on this group. YHC had some surprises mixed in sure to delight.


The Thang

Mosey to top of Hot Tub Hill

3 laps on hill then mosey back across street to soccer field

40 Big Boy Sit Up

Plank for all to finish


Mega Burpee (burpee w/ 5 merkins instead of 1) x 5 OYO

LBC x 15 (IC)

Flutter Kick x 15 (IC)

Single leg burpee x 5 ea leg OYO

V-up x 10 (IC)

Rower x 10 (IC)

Mega burpee x 5 OYO

Mosey to Playground area near wall

Partner up (with PAX from other AO if possible)

1st person – hold balls to wall

2nd person – 5 pull ups

5 merkins together


3 rounds each

Plank for all to finish

1st person – low plank

2nd person – 15 LBC


5 Rounds each

Plank for all to finish

1st person – hold air chair

2nd person – 15 squats


5 rounds each

Plank for all to finish

Mosey to Tennis Courts

Bear crawl suicide

25 merkins, 20 T-Claps

Plank for all to finish

Crab walk suicide

25 LBC, 10 V-up

Plank for all to finish

Lunge walk suicide w/ 15 squats at ea stop (6 total)

Plank for all to finish


Mega Burpee x 5 OYO

LBC x 15 (IC)

Flutter kick x 15 (IC)

Single arm burpee x 5 ea arm OYO

Merkin x 15 (IC)

Rower x 20 (IC)

Mega Burpee x 5 OYO

Jailbreak to shovel flag





  • Nice to see good number of PAX seeing value in monthly NE convergence
  • Good push this morning by all PAX, nice to 2 AOs merging during these workouts to work together and get it done!


  • NE convergences will be on last Saturday of month from this point forward and have been updated in Q calendar
  • Iron Sharpens Iron and don’t forget it. Going to start getting cold, so it may take a little extra effort to strike up the EH and fire for some guys to keep them posting
  • Passing of the hat on Tuesday at all AOs for Oliver Gospel Mission “Christmas Project”
  • No workout at either NE AO on Thanksgiving. Post downtown at Dreher for other convergences (6-7 option and 7-8 option)

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