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No Man left behind – an observation

A few weeks ago I was at a Tuesday bootcamp when we began the workout with a run (heading to a destination that was good distance away). I was jogging beside one of my buddies when he stopped and decided to wait on a member of the pax who was lagging behind and struggling a little bit. I decided to stay back as well and jog with the fellow pax that was having a difficult time. We ended up losing the rest of the group for awhile but made up for it by stopping every now and then for a pain station. We eventually met up with the rest of the pax.
At the end of the workout the pax member that was struggling came up and thanked me for staying behind. He told me that he was ready to quit and just head back home, until my buddy and I stuck around. The pax member should have thanked my friend, it was his idea and his lead that I followed. I realized something important that day, F3 is much more than just getting in a good workout. It is about being there for the man to the left and right of you. If they struggle then we stay back with them and struggle too. It is very easy to run off with the rest of the pax so that we get our workout in for the day, but we are called to do much more than that.

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