• When: 07/23/15
  • QIC: Chaser
  • The PAX: Hustler, MoonRiver, BabyRuth, ElGuapo, SnapOn, YogiBear, PinkEye, Dusty, Mission, Logo, Cavity, Cheesey, Roscoe, Chaser

#Brickpile Takes On A Triple AMRAP

14 men appeared in the steamy gloom ready for work and work they got. YHC had a plan to test all of the major (and minor) muscle groups and throw in some cardio as well.

Conditions: Don’t know but it was humid.


COP off the drop.
SSH x 25 (4ct)
(Promise from Q to pax to perform proper reps and request for them to watch YHC and hold accountable.)
Merkins x 10 (4ct)
Squats x 10 (4ct)

Mosey to the end of the parking lot by the tennis courts.

10 minute 21-15-9 AMRAPs:
Run from back of the parking lot to front around the outside (think like a track): 200m
21 Merkins
15 Squats
9 Burpees
200m run back to rear of lot. That is one round.
10 minutes as many rounds as possible.

200m run
21 Sit-ups
15 Russian Twists
9 V-Ups
200m run

200m run
Jump Squats
No PU Burpees
200m run

Flutter Kicks x 20 (4ct) regulaire and x 20 (4ct) slo-mo
Plank Progression x 2 minutes.

Mosey to COT

– Did anyone know that Brickpile has a track? Yep. Running one lap around the outside of the big parking lot is just a few meters shy of 400m. Perfect for AMRAP work.
– Good work today. The air was thick and we spent 30 minutes in constant motion. There was sweat.
Workout Design Thoughts: YHC thought this workout was pretty well balanced. Not too much of anything to allow for form to stay correct but I can’t think of any muscle group that did not get work to include 30 minutes of an elevated heart rate to help with conditioning as well. YHC would like to see a move towards workouts of this sort that don’t over-stress any one area of the body so that form suffers. I admit I have led the charge in this regard in the past but we all learn as we move forward. 100 well done merkins is better all around than 300 done poorly. As Qs we must put the pax first and that may mean dialing back the reps, and forgoing the “We did eleventy-billion merkins today” tweets, to deliver a balanced workout that demands proper form from every man. After all, in some ways, designing a workout that kills one part of the body while ignoring others is a bit lazy and does not serve the pax as well as one should. I, again, have been guilty of the same. Something to consider going forward perhaps.
Form and Accountability Thoughts: To help with form accountability, YHC told the pax at the outset that he promised to do his best to use proper form on every rep and to watch me for that form and keep me accountable. To that end I purposefully slowed down a bit on the AMRAPs cutting from break-neck speed to about 80% effort to concentrate on form. If you want accountability in that area…just ask for it. That’s what we are about after all. We must welcome it and no one is above it, to any other man, ever, regardless of the fitness level/capabilities of either man. I encourage our pax to hold each other accountable during workouts (in a positive and well-delivered way) and for the man being held accountable to welcome that and accept it while knowing that a brother wouldn’t use the effort to say something if he didn’t know the brother was capable of better and cared enough for that brother that he didn’t want to watch him give half-effort or, potentially, cause himself injury. Let’s open our minds a bit to this form of accountability. We talk the accountability talk, let’s walk the accountability walk, together. #ISI

– Stretch is leading a form workshop this Saturday at Woodshed beginning at 8:15. This is a good thing guys. Go learn proper form…and probably find out why your whatever hurts after you do whatever exercise.

0 thoughts on “#Brickpile Takes On A Triple AMRAP”

  1. Great workout and like the way you are thinking through what and why we include things in a workout. This kind of thinking will help us all get better in a injury free way. #smartbeatdown

  2. Like the thoughts on form and Q prep, but disagree on balance. Growth requires stressing a muscle group beyond its happy place. In 45 minutes it isn’t feasible typically to get every group fully pushed out of their comfort zone. I prefer workouts with some focus as long as every week I’ve stressed all groups roughly equally/balanced. (Plus the psychological competitive effect of doing a zillion Burpees more than Thunder is powerful)!

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