• When: 07/21/15
  • QIC: Insanity
  • The PAX: Adrian, Windmill, Fannie, Kim Jung, Paperboy, Purple Rain, Beads, Larussa, Jenny, Geno, Insanity

The Unexpected Tag Team

11 faithful pax got an unexpected double dose Tuesday morning.  After a week off from F3, a three day golf tournament with extracurriculars over the weekend, bad diet and Thunder’s trademark humidity, YHC only made it 30 minutes into the Q before spilling merlot.  I’ll blame it on the difficulty of the workout and the intense push by the pax.  Adrian thankfully stepped up to finish off the pax with the always welcome Dirty Macdeuce.

Conditions:  80 and exceptionally humid

The Thang

Circle up in parking lot

SSH x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC

Mosey to track near squares.

Run lap around track w/ 25 merkins & 25 LBCs at start then at each 1/4 of lap.  Low plank until the 6.  (100 merkins & 100 LBCs in first 6 minutes).

Flutters x 20 IC

Freddie Mercury X 20 IC

Chaser LBCs x 20 IC

Partner at the squares.  Get instructions on course w/ stations.  (Start at squares.  Finish at amphitheater.)

At squares:  15 box jumps / 15 declines

Run to lot:   40 monkey humpers / 40 curb merkins (10 each way)

Run to bball court:  lunge walk baseline to baseline

Run to amphitheater:  15 Bulgarian squats (each leg) / 15 inclines

Plank until the 6.

Freedom twists x 15 IC

In & Outs x 15 OYO

Dips x 15 OYO


Run the course w/ the pain stations in reverse back to squares.  Plank.  (240 merkins done at this point)

This is where the merlot spillage insisted on making an appearance and Adrian stepped up to the detriment of the pax.

Dirty MacDeuce in Hand field.  4 sets of three exercises (w/ additional SSH x 12 at end of each set)  w/ 12 repetitions IC, with 12 seconds of rest in-between each set.

Went something like this:

Merkins-Freddie Mercury-Mountain Climbers-SSH

Wide Arms-Chasers LBCs-Plank Jacks-SSH

Slow Fast-LBCs-Mountain Climbers-SSH

Knurkins-Freedom Twists-Plank Jacks- SSH

Partner up at sideline.  P1 sprints to across.  5 burpees.  Sprint back.  P2 does freedom twists.  Switch.




Announcements-See Paperboys more prompt backblast.



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