• When: 2017-10-07
  • QIC: Billy Bob
  • The PAX: Hawg, Splinter, Adrian, Cesspool.

No Excuses, Just Work = Dominate Life

YHC was honored to answer the call from McLovin to step in for him while he was DR at RAGNAR. An added bonus was Qing the full 60 minutes. Splinter was the only one present who had experienced a Billy Bob workout so the rest of the PAX were introduced to the power of the knuckle. PAX were instructed that they would not be allowed to use their fingers at anytime during the workout.

Conditions: 70ish with a continuous light rain

The Thang:

Mosey to Flora courtyard for Modified 11s:

Start at rails for inverted rows, run down to benches for dips, run over to grass for burpees. Rinse, Repeat
* Inverted rows 21-11 reps= 176 total
* Dips 11-21 reps = 176 total
* 5 burpees = 55 total

Mosey to bricks

Pick up bricks 2 per PAX and mosey to football field for COP

2 cycles of the following exercises:
* Curls IC x25
* Front Arm raises IC x15
* Shoulder press IC x15
* Squats IC x25
* BBS IC x20
* American Hammer IC x20
* Thrusters IC x15
* Knerkins IC slow count x10
* Archer Knerkins OYO x 5 each arm
* Knerkins 1 arm negative, 2 arm positive OYO x 5 each arm.

Prowler Death March
* Line up for Indian Run
* 1st man pushes prowler
* Last man does 10 Knerkins, sprints to front and takes prowler. Run until every PAX cycles through. Total of 200 yards. 2 Cycles.

Circle back up for round of dealers choice:

Hawg- low plank on bricks. Buzz Saw then Circular Saw. IC
Splinter- imperial walker squats. IC
Adrian- knerkin plank jacks. IC
Cesspool- Freddie mercury IC

Mosey to put up bricks, sprint to COT. We had a minute left so we filled that time in a negative Knerkin (Crowd pleaser).

COT and BOM-Billy Bob

Moleskin: YHC’s first Battle post was in November 2016, a few weeks after posting at Hammer for my first F3 workout. I don’t like to do anything half ass. Over this past year YHC has received multiple comments from Hammer PAX asking if I’ve been cheating on them with another AO because in less than a year of F3, I’m never with the Six. Well, the answer is yes, my mistress is Battle. Due to family obligations, I’m only able to post twice during the week. I started posting at Battle because I had to, if I was going to get better. It has made a huge difference. I’ve learned things about myself that I can only attest to experiences from Battle. Here’s the thing, if I can do it, so can any of you. Battle is hard, but so is life. My mission is to dominate life and Battle has played a big role in my ability to keep this mindset. Thank you to all of the Battle HIMs who motivate and inspire me.

We only had five PAX this morning and two of them happened to Q YHCs first post at Battle. Cesspool and Adrian, I sure enjoyed dealing out some payback. It must have been divine intervention. Also, of the 5 of us, only Splinter was under the age of 40.


  • There was discussion about the poor turnout this morning. Let’s make sure this doesn’t become a norm. Post regularly and bring someone new out who’s looking for a challenge.
  • Prayers for Blowout (Hammer) and M for the loss of their son, Zachary
  • Prayers for Watermelon (F3 Beaufort) that he overcomes his current challenges.