• When: 2017-10-06
  • QIC: Puck
  • The PAX: Honcho, Cinco de Mayo, Happy Trees, Danger Mouse, Shankopotamus (respect), Puck

Ruck the Lick Creek Climb

Conditions : Approximately 59 degrees

It was a perfect morning for an XL ruck. Cinco De Mayo, EH’d the men on the Rooster DM board for a few extra miles. This lead to some ridicule from some fartsackers. YHC on the other had was happy to join his bother for a little extra work. The alarm went off about 20 minutes early. The fartsack was defeated and YHC headed out the door to catch up with his brothers at the Rooster. Upon arriving at the Park, YHC found Cinco and Happy Trees readying their rucks. This fearless threesome put in a quick mile before 5AM. On the way back to the flag from a quick out and back down main street, Danger Mouse pulled into the parking lot. He was concerned that he was late because the early risers had already left. YHC reassured our man that he was right on time. A few minutes before 5 Shankopotamus (Respect) arrived baring gifts, several 5 gallon buckets . Then Honcho joined the party to make it 6 pax. All ruckers and no runners for this Friday addition of the Rooster.

The Thang:

There are 6 pax so 6 of the finest 5 gallon buckets were selected. The Pax carried them to water spigot in the park and filled each of them with about a gallon and a half. The pax partnered up, one pax would carry the 2 buckets, farmers carry style while the other partner rested.

Honcho loaded a cinder block in one of the buckets but decided before we left the park that the block just needed to be washed and not carried. The block was left behind.

The pax left the park headed down Bernard St toward Lick Creek

At the bridge, at the bottom of the hill, the Pax turned around and started making the Lick Creek Climb

Right on trotter

Left on speaks

Left on College

Right into the parking lot

The Pax arrived back at the flag a minute or two early so YHC lead then in some ruck squats IC X 20.

T-claps to Danger Mouse on his first ruck and not wanting to share the coupons

T-claps to Happy Trees and Cinco for literally going an extra mile this morning

T-claps to Shank for bringing the coupons

T-claps to Honcho for cleaning his blocks and the story about Intercourse, PA and his mother in law