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Myrtle Beach Daze

Eight faithful (including two FNGs) from North and South of the Border converged on a perfect Saturday to have a VACA pain-session a-la sand and surf. Hallelujah! Table led with the first Q and cemented himself as the veteran Q highlighted with the Beast in the shadow of the Zipline. Woody took Q for the second half and we took a “stroll” with bricks to the shadow of that other MB icon, the Skywheel. From there it was to the sand for suicides of a more slower, less stable, type – still with the bricks… Much Labor, this Labor Day weekend.

Conditions: 73 and 84% Humidity

“Table” is Q

Warm up run down Ocean Blvd and out to boardwalk – back to lawn
Side straddle hop x35
Merkins x15
Imperial walkers
Need help with the rest and order of the COP
Full plank/ Arms up

Run to Zip Line Base Camp
Plank/6in Plank/Plank
The Beast (modified) – 100y course with pain station repeats x6 at each of 3 stations – run back to Start
First Series – squats
Second Series – Turkish get-ups
Third Series – squat-thrusts
Plank / arm up & leg up

Back to COP for 6min. O’ Mary
Heels to Heaven
Freddie Mercury

“Woody” is Q.

Grab your bricks (O’de to Brickyard) and follow me
Mosey to Boardwalk
Lunge-walk with bricks
Mosey to Skywheel Plaza – raise alt. arms with bricks on the way
Plank / raise arms with bricks/6in. Plank
Little arm circles forward with bricks
Merkins x 12
Little arm circles reverse with bricks

Mosey to boardwalk and down to Beach
Triceps overhead curls x10
Biceps curls alt. x 15 while observing the porpoises striking the menhaden schools. #crowdpleaser
Raise the roof/merkin combination x8

Mosey to lifeguard stand for F3 photo 10-count
Sand Resistance Suicides with bricks – advancing the bricks forward at each end line interval
Diamond Carolina Dry Docks x10

Mosey back to Boardwalk
Russian Twists
Boat Canoe
Decline Merkins on Boardwalk Benches


Ball of Man – Beasley


– The pax enjoyed a NC & SC Q-Partnership. The Beast and beach work were #crowdpleasers.

– If correct, five geographic areas were represented in the eight Pax in attendance: Atlanta, Charlotte (Metro/Area51/and more) Columbia (Brickpile) Pawleys Island, & Tega Cay (The Fort). T-Claps to the reach of F3 Nation.


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