• When: 11/03/2018
  • QIC: Columbo
  • The PAX: All PAX

More Than Just a Work Out

We have said it, talked about it, encouraged it, supported it and on Nov 3rd we will do it.  A blind couple in the Oak Grove area is in need of their yard cleaned up and maintained.  This is an excellent 2nd F opportunity.

I’m needing at least 10 guys to pitch in and help out.  All that is needing done is raking up pine straw, bagging it and hauling it off to the dump.  This should only take a few hours.  We will meet at 9 AM at 1029 Jassimine Road 29073.  This is in the Oak Grove area.  Bring with you a rake, a pitch fork and an eagerness to serve.  The couple will provide the yard bags.  After raking we will run a lawn mower or two across the yard. Need at least one other guy with a mower, weed trimmer etc.

Looking to make this a regular opportunity and maintain the yard throughout the year.  10 guys is all that is needed for the initial clean up.  If you are not one of the fortunate 10 guys that is able to participate then I would encourage you to step up and find a similar service project to put together in your community.  There are plenty of needs out there for the disabled, the veteran, the elderly etc just to name a few.

Remember when we EH someone and tell them this is more than just a work out? I’m looking forward to this opportunity to serve with you my brothers.