• When: 07/02/15
  • QIC: Wingback and Pondo
  • The PAX: Shadetree, Rest Stop, Kenny G, Minion, Heist

Meet Up-Beat Down

Pondo and YHC thought it may be a good idea to join the forces of #Legion and #Woodshed for#JointOp. I’d say all of the PAX came out victors. The two of us transported bricks the day before to make sure we could offer a quality beatdown.

Conditions: 75 deg. Rather pleasant.

The Thang: 

Mosey from #Legion to designated meet-up spot on Sallie Baxter where we had placed bricks. During mosey we stopped for 5 #Painstations, each of which included 20 SSH’s IC and 20 squats IC.

DORA: Partner up and complete all reps of each exercise before moving on to the next exercise. While one partner did as many reps of each exercise at top of Indian Mound the other would run to bottom and back up hill and take over the reps.

100 BBSU’s

50 Regular merkins w bricks (each partner)

50 Diamond merkins (bricks touching) ” ”

50 wide merkins

200 Jump lunges


Pondo and YHC had discussed this convergence over the past couple of weeks and we believe the PAX truly enjoyed it. It was hard, very hard but everyone seemed to be in good spirits after the DORA. Hopefully we can make this a regular occurance! YHC thinks this kinda brotherhood is what makes F3, F3. Seea ya in the gloom brothers.




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