• When: 07/04/15
  • QIC: Paperboy
  • The PAX: Huffy, Cooooooostanza, Paperboy, Belding, Beads, Crack, Full Monty, Pipeline, Improv, Noonan, HappyTrees, FNG Chocolate Giddyup (Ken Donald)

Dawnstrike Claims Victory over Fartsackery

12 PAX entered the gloom this morning on a day that promised more than what they bargained for, as all #Dawnstrike workouts deliver.  However, it would be a day of surprises, that even YHC could not have planned.

Conditions: 72 degrees with a light sprinkling of rain for the first half

The Thang:

Mosey over to Shandon Methodist Church for a quick COP of the following in cadence:

20 SSH

20 Imperial Walkers

15 Sloooooow fast Merkins

Mosey over to the corner of Adger/Devereaux for a Burpee/Merkin Pyramid:

1 Burpee and 1 Merkin, then 1 Burpee with 2 Merkins, and so on up to 1 Burpee with 10 Merkins, and then back down to 1.

The PAX were not built for this early assault on their arms, so YHC decided to give them some relief.

Mosey over to Adger/Berkeley for some hill work:

At the top of the intersection – 20 LBC’s

Run down to the bottom of Berkeley – 20 Squats

Back at the top – 20 LBC’s

Run down to the bottom of Adger – 20 Merkins

Back to the top for 20 more LBC’s

Rinse and repeat for 12 minutes AMRAP

After the PAX legs were warmed up (YHC audibled by doing Merkins instead of Jump Lunges due to an impending 4 mile run afterward), we moseyed back to Devereaux for a Ark Loader Indian Run:

PAX get in a single file and start crab walking up to Princess, last PAX bear crawls to the front.  #crowdpleaser

We continued this until everyone got their turn, then we hopped over the wall and headed to the Brickpile.  At this point, everything was going to plan.  But like any day at #Dawnstrike, awesomeness happens.  Whether it’s #DriveBysShorts or a Fussin/Cussin Snotrocket; surprises abound at the Strike.

As we started gathering blocks/bricks for everyone, a lone soul was aimlessly walking around the tennis courts.  The PAX quickly EH’d the fella and a July 4th Billy Zane Miracle occurred.  He looked tough, but YHC wasn’t sure if he was #Dawnstrike tough.  We were all about to find out.

Each PAX were instructed to get 2 blocks and 2 bricks.  We convened around the planters in the parking lot, where YHC led a farmer’s carry (with both blocks and bricks) to the far side of the parking lot.  We then got into some brick work:

10 IVT’s, 20 Tricep Extensions, 20 Freedom Twists – AMRAP for 5 minutes

Gather your blocks and bricks and farmers carry back to the other side for block work:

20 Curls, 20 BBSU’s, 20 Bench Press – AMRAP for 5 minutes

The PAX were getting feisty at this point, worn out past the point of useful #mumblechatter.  I knew i had to brighten their spirits.  We packed up the hardware and moseyed to the Hollywood Squares.  I asked the PAX if they remembered the Burpee Pyramid, and YHC was greeted with dirty looks.  This time the merkins were replaced with box jumps, which did not smooth over the pain.  We only went to 5 box jumps per Burpee and back down to one, but the PAX got their money’s worth.

All in all, another successful beatdown at #Dawnstrike.  The PAX were ready and willing, and YHC tried to give their money’s worth.  Our newest member showed that he has what it takes, and hopefully we will see him again.

Devo –

Freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions, the spirit of men and so it must be daily earned and refreshed – else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots, it will wither and die.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Remember to do everything you can to ensure that you do your best daily to get better.

FBG ‘Chocolate Giddyup’ was in town visiting friends.  He is an Air Force vet, looking to become a dietician.  I told him he can’t get a body like this without a proper diet, and weekly posts to #Dawnstrike.




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