• When: 03/02/17
  • QIC: Boris
  • The PAX: SpankyStarGazer, Noonan, CoPay, Moana, Froman, SubPrime, Fanny, Paperboy, TNT, Insanity, Underwood, Grump, Beads, Spot

Lots of running with a few easy exercises for the Thunder Boys

15 at Thunder this morning. The PAX really pushed it for 45 minutes this morning (except Spanky). We had running for the runners and we worked in a few exercises for the rest of us. Want to thank CrabDaddy for coming by to talk to everybody this morning. We all hope he makes a speedy recovery and is back with us in a few weeks. Also want to thank our new Star Gazer Leader Spanky for standing around for 45 minutes this morning.

Weather: Clear, No Humidity, 57 Degrees 1st week of March.

COP – Field behind Hand Middle School

SSH – 30 4ct
Big Boy Situps – 20 OYO
Merkins – 10 4ct
Squats – 20 4 ct


Moved over to the track to get things started

2 Laps around the Hand Middle School Track

Circuit 1 – 3 sets of each exercise little to no recovery

1. Merkins x 20
2. Squats x 50
3. Big Boy Situps x 50
4. Lunges x 20 each leg or 40 total
5. Burpees x 15
6. Air Shoulder Presses x 100

after you complete 3 sets in order

1 Lap around the track

Circuit 2 – only 1 set because of time

1. Plank x 2 minutes
2. Jump Squats x 20
3. Bicycle Crunches x 50 single count
4. Walking Lunges x 1 minute
5. Burpees x 15

complete 1 set

1 Lap around the track

Finished – jog it on out to the American Flag

Really want to thank the 15 guys that came out this morning. I hope my workout met your needs. Was little disappointed in the mumble chatter for a Thursday.

BOM – Boris
Devo – Grump

– Sign up for the following events (Don’t know dates so as Beads said you all have Google)
Get in the Pink, St. Patrick Day, Palmetto 200 and any other event you may want us to do.
– Don’t forget about CrabDaddy’s GoFundMe page
– Single mom with 3 kids needs help after house fire – St. Johns/Grump for more details
– 03/08/17 Hump Day Happy Hour 5:15pm “Bar None” on Harden St. Five Points

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