• When: 2018-12-22
  • QIC: Cesspool and Rhonda
  • The PAX: Billy Bob, Hustler, Misfire, Hawg, Wingback, Cornstache, Eldrick

Let’s see how this plays out

9 Pax posted at AC Flora’s parking lot to see what Rhonda and YHC had planned.  Rhonda said he was headed to the football field and figured to be some cardio.  He also loves to wear out the chest muscles so YHC was game for anything.  Nice clear skies after sooooo much rain.  Here’s the THANG!

Conditions:  42 and clear.  Christmas is near.

Rhonda leads off and gets each PAX to grab a tennis ball from a bag he left on his car.  Head to the football field.  Instructions are given to play one on one fetch while all others plank.  Hawg is the first to sprint from the goal line toward the 50.  He was to catch the tennis ball after 1 hop.  If he failed, everyone did 5 burpees, otherwise next up.  He failed as did all of us the first try.

Second Round:  Squats while everyone waits their turn.  We’re getting better at this by giving direction and if it is short or “get on your horse”!  Not as many burpees this time.

Third Round:  Squat Jumps while everyone waits their turn.  More sunlight equals better results.  A lot less burpees.

Next was broad jump burpees from the goal line to the 20 and back.

Next line up on the sideline and one by one sprint to the other side.  All waiting PAX  were holding plank.  Next round max merkins while you wait to sprint back across the field.

Next round:  karaoke across the field and back while waiting PAX did calf raises.

Crowd pleaser alert: 

Start from the sideline and side walk plank with merkins to the hash marks.  Basketball slides the rest of the way across the field.  Rinse and repeat back to the other side.

Circle up with ab circuit that wouldn’t quit.

YHC takes over.  Pick up the tennis balls and return them to Rhonda’s car.  Run to the #BATTLE loop.  5 rounds of 5 exercises 10, 20, 30, 40, and a run.  Instructions are given and time is called when it’s 0800.

10 Pull Ups each time

20 Merkins (Regular, Wide Arm, Diamond, Staggered Hand, Staggered Hand)

30 ABs (LBC, Flutter Kicks, Box Cutters, Freddy Mercury’s, V ups)

40 Leg Reps (Squats, Squat Jumps, 20 each leg Lunges, 20 each leg Lunges, Squat Kicks)

Run the Battle Loop each time you’re done with one round.

Everyone got 4 rounds some got most of the 5th round.


Run back to the flag and BOM.



  • New Year’s Day Convergence at Owens Field.  0700-0800 at the football stadium.
  • Safety is F3Columbia’s message.  Please remember to watch out for yourself but more importantly others as we workout in the gloom.
  • Keep Michelle, Gump, and RA’s family in your prayers.
  • Merry Christmas to all!