• When: 11/19/15
  • QIC: Paperboy
  • The PAX: Betamax, Spot, Purple Rain, Beads, OC, Cesspool, Cooooooostanza, Huffystuffs, Seeker, Strudel, Paperboy

How Hot and Wet do you like it?

11 Men shook off the sound of storms and embraced the real #Thunder this morning.  Others may have been scared off by the pitter-patter of rain drops and rumbling, but these gents took on the elements like a fish to water (rain joke).

With the rain pouring down throughout the night, it seemed appropriate to check in on Emily and make sure she was doing alright.  YHC had different plans though, and called for a non-stop field session that would leave the PAX wet, grassy and dirty.  Emily will always be around for that later.

Conditions: Very hot and awfully wet

The Thang:

YHC busted out of the lot and on to the track for a spirited opening lap around the field.  We then circled up on the wet grass for a quick COP:

25 IW IC

25 Slooooooooooowwwwwwww Squats IC

25 Merkins OYO

25 Flutterkicks IC

Now I must say, I usually try to put together a complete workout the night before a Q.  High level enough to remember, but detailed for potential audibles.  With Costanza having put it on us Tuesday, YHC was still shaking off the stench of burpees.  I had an epic case of Q-block and no amount of research was going to enlighten me.  So I took a basic concept that OC introduced a while ago, and decided to see where it took me for the whole workout.

Those of you that played football (or like me, watched enough insightful football movies such as The Program, Varsity Blues or Little Giants) will remember the ol’ grass drill.  I put my own #varrrriation on this and had the PAX line up on the field. The group took off across the field by different manners of transportation, and upon the ‘Down’ command, performed AMRAP exercises as called:

Round 1 – Sprint across the field, stopping for hand release merkins

Round 2 – Crab walk back, stopping for freddie mercuries

Round 3 – Backwards run across, stopping for carolina dry docks

Round 4 – Lunge back, stopping for Jump Tucks, or tuck jumps, or juck tumps, or WTF they are

The PAX were so fired up (not to mention wetter than an otter’s pocket) that YHC dialed up a repeat of the 4 grass drills. #crowdpleaser

What really made this enjoyable was the soothing sounds of our resident jukebox Strudel.  Whether it’s Top 40, random country or R&B, Strudel kept everyone’s spirits high with his dulcet tones.

With limited time remaining and YHC’s mind spinning from the drills, we moseyed to the wall for a strong 25-ish second People’s Chair.

With a spot of rest in them, YHC led the PAX back to the field for one last grassy jaunt.  This time it was simple, Broad Jump Clurpee across the field.  YHC thought it was a grand idea, but I could tell by the menacing silence of Cesspool that this was not worth a repeat.

We then #jailbreaked back to the flag, where YHC had one last spot o’ fun for the PAX.  100 group burpees.  While in a circle, the group took turns performing burpees while the rest commenced non-stop SSH’s.  I’d like to call this the Domino Burpee, or the #dominurpee.


As usual, the #mumblechatter was strong at #Thunder, but the performance was even stronger.  This group knows how to match the talk with the walk and I’m proud to be AOQ at Hand.

COT – Paperboy

Deveo – Spot, who is now the Devo Q for #Thunder.  Well done OC on the last several months, and good luck to Spot in your new role.  Be sure to sign up with Spot to get on the rotation.


11/20 – Gobble til you Wobble #Ramble 5k on Friday

Thanksgiving Day – Convergence at Brickpile for 6 and 7 AM workouts

Friday after Thanksgiving – F3 Dads at 10AM

12/15 – XMAS party at King’s Grant

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