• When: 2020-08-18
  • QIC: Stretch
  • The PAX: Chop Shop, Collar, Bindi, Leon, McNugget, Billy Bob, Zima, Gaston, Detour, Blowout, Easy Street, Deville, Wally, Booboo, Pinkman

History was made today!

To start off, I was lucky to even make my own Q this am as I forgot to turn my alarm clock on (subconscious sabotage?).  I woke up at 4:55 am, had my cup of coffee, morning constitution and headed to the AOQ.  As always, I rarely know what I am going to do prior to Q’ng.  After Q’ng for 6 plus years I have an arsenal of exercises to choose from so about 10-15 minutes into the workout I decided I am going to make this the longest warm-up in F3 history along with the shortest workout in F3 history.  So enjoy (did the best I can based off recollection).

Conditions: Humid (felt balmy like the arm pits of Hulk Hogan would feel)

The warmup: Everything was either 15 4 count reps or 15 single reps OYO

Side Straddle hop, IW, BAC forward, BAC backwards, overhead press, overhead claps, hustler merkins, 10 burpees, squats, catcher squats, single leg slum dogs each leg, elevator squats, 8 burpees, plank jacks, 15 merkins, mountain climbers, 10 merkins, plank hops, 5 merkins, fire hydrants each leg in quaruped, standing hip hikes with countoff around the circle each leg, 6 burpees, indian run around the parking lot, single leg bridges, side plank scissors each side, reverse lunges each leg, 4 burpees, chaser LBC’s, LBC’s, straight leg LBC’s, side crunches each side, crunch extensions, russian twists.

The Thang: 2 burpees

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