• When: 12/02/15
  • QIC: Gypsy
  • The PAX: Paperboy, Turtle, CornStache, Bundy, DriveBy, Traitor, Cesspool, Promo, Gypsy

Hills Are Not Optional

Conditions: High 50’s and a little foggy.

The Thang: Start at SPC to Woodrow; Woodrow down to Superior; Superior to Harvard; Harvard to Bonham; Bonham to Ott; Ott to Jim Hamilton; Jim Hamilton to Airport; Airport to Holt; Holt to Superior; Superior to Saluda; Saluda to Devine; Devine to COT.

Moleskin: The route was well received by the PAX. While some were out of sight within the first 2 miles(CornStache and Bundy), others were cursing my name at the first sight of hills. For all, the #redpill was served and these men got better because of it.

Announcements: There are a lot of races coming up, if you’re feeling froggy, sign up for one and encourage others to join you.

BOM: Prayer led by YHC

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