• When: 01/05/16
  • QIC: Garnish
  • The PAX: Splinter, Collar, Chop Shop, Myrtle, Misfire, BooBoo, Slum Dog, Detour, Gaston, Ducky, RA, McNugget, Turtle

Hammer Hits the Hill

The Hammer PAX met for the first time in 2016 to take on some colder temperatures and dumpster hill repeats. A good time was had by all.

Conditions: 30 degrees and clear

The Thang:


SSH x 20 IC

Merkins x 15 IC

Squats x 20 IC

Little Baby Arm Circles x 20 IC

Mountain climbers x 15 IC

Big Boy situps x 10 OYO

Run over to Dumpster Hil for a burpee ladder. Start at the bottom, run to the top and complete 10 burpees. Run back down and do 9 etc until complete.

Next, pair up with partners alternating between running the hill and AMRAP squats, flutter kicks and big boy situps. Rinse and repeat with merkins, monkey humpers and mountain climbers.

Run back to Trenholm Park for a round of Hustler Merkins: 1 merkin-4 air presses, 2 merkins-8 air presses, continute until 10-40.

At the pavilion, 3 sets of 10 box jumps and 10 Big Boy situps. Then 1 minute of people’s chair and 1 minute merkin AMRAP to close.


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