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Governor’s Cup Half Marathon Training – 8 Mile Taper – 11/01-11/02

Never did I think 8 miles would sound like an easy spin around the block…  #Amble has had that much needed effect.  With the Governors Cup Half Marathon a mere week away, our last weekend preparatory run is just there to keep the wheels greased.  As they say, the hay is in the barn.  You’re not going to get faster or stronger by pushing yourself from here until next weekend… but rather you’ll be more prepared going into race day if you let your body relax, recover and stock away the go juice.

The Thang:

For a third week in a row we’re planning two group runs due to conflicts on Saturday.  As most people know, the F3NE launch is this weekend which means several of us, myself included, will be running the 8 mile route Friday morning.  Those opportunities are:
Friday, 11/1/13 – 5:30 Launch from DHS with plans to be back at DHS around 6:45
Saturday, 11/2/13 – 6:45 Launch from DHS with plans to be back at DHS for the Saturday workout COT at 8:00.

The Route is notably complicated…  which makes it fun, unique and worthwhile.  It’s available through MapMyRun.com or you can use the map below and provided directions.


From DHS, exit onto Devine heading towards Five Points.  At Queen Street turn left to hop onto Blossom in order to skirt Five Points, head under the railroad tressel and then take an immediate left turn into Maxy Gregg Park for a scenic tour of the park all the way to Pickens Street.  Cross Pickens and, again, take the scenic route along the creek, through the USC campus at the end of Bull Street weaving your way up to Wheat Street.  From Wheat look for the pedestrian bridge over Assembly, wrap around the Strom and take the second pedestrian bridge over Blossom Street headed toward the back of the old coliseum.  From there cut across a few parking lots to Lincoln Street for a right turn and straight jog down the bricks.  At Lady Street, feel free to try out the tunnel under Hampton Street if the fence/gate is open…  bring your shiv.  Proceed across Taylor Street (carefully) and head through Finlay Park up to Laurel for a lap around and through the Governors Mansion property… if the gate is open through the block at Richland Street.  Proceed down Richland to Main Street turning right and head all the way down to the State House for a dogleg around the building and on through to College Street and the USC Horseshoe.  Go around McKissick (the building at the end) and get back on College Street through to Barnwell.  Loop around Capstone by turning Right on Barnwell, Left on Gibbes and then back up to College Street by way of Gregg Street to the downhill railroad crossing on College.  Continue straight across Harden and take an immediate right up to Lee Street for the climb back up the hill to Maple.  At Maple Street, turn right and then left again on Devine for the home stretch back to DHS.  Please Check the map… this is admittedly complicated but should be a fun route.  If things are blocked or impassible, be creative and bring it on home at the 8 mile mark.

Rather than placing a water station, know that there’s a water fountain at Finlay Park (the approximate halfway point) near the top of the Amphitheater.  It’s located near the restrooms which are also a perk.  Shout out if my knowledge of the area is faulty and alternatives need to be provided.  the Friday group will be the guinea pig and will report back if any closures or complications arose on our morning route.

Gentlemen, it has been a privilege.  I look forward to seeing you in the gloom and, next week, sharing the Governors Cup experience.  We have gone overboard preparing for this first major #Amble event.  It will not be the last.  In fact, look for new run workouts coming soon to the Columbia region to better prepare our pax for the 2014 year.




0 thoughts on “Governor’s Cup Half Marathon Training – 8 Mile Taper – 11/01-11/02”

  1. #Tclaps Fountainhead on leading the Governor’s Cup training. You must be a pro at mapping new routes in mapmyrun. Aye!

  2. The past 3 weeks for me have included a trip to VA, a trip to the ER, and 5 days of sickness. Training wheels feel off. I ran 8 this morning though to begin my delayed taper (even though the longest I ran was 10 a few weeks ago). Next weekend will be a beast for me. But ill get there. Yall just be sure to wait till the 2:30 mark for the group picture so us slow folks can get in it. Or just find some other really good looking blond guy to stand in my place.

    See yall in the NE saturday

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