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Snuggles Tricks and Treats #SwampFox into Circuits and Sprints

14 men ventured into the gloom at #SwampFox to meet Snuggles and his bag o’ tricks for a Halloween workout sans yours truly out with a chronically sore hamstring (sore hamstrings must be contagious…14?). The word on the street though is that Snuggles showed up dressed either as a pumpkin or a clown as it was hard to tell in the #SwampFox gloom (to be fair to a college athlete, Snuggles was in his Clemson uniform as he played football at Clemson). Either way, Snuggles appeared ready to get his trick or treat on…about 13 hours early.

Conditions: 52 degrees.


Run to “grassy field”
Side Stradle Hop 4 count X 25
Burpees X 15
Count off 1 to 4

Run to Chicora/Clemson
Burpees x15
Flutter kicks 4ct X 25

Run to Citadel Park
Split into 4 numbered groups: Four 1 minute stations, run between stations

Run to Crayton basketball court (Heretofor #LarryBirdLand)
Circuit 1:
20 wide arm merkins
20 jump squats
20 diamond merkens
40 freddy mercurys (plank at end of each set)

Suicides X5

Circuit 2:
20 Chaser LBC
20 Carolina Drydocks
10 lunges each leg
20 Merkens (plank at end of each set)

Mosey to Circle of Trust
Ball of Man closed out by Snuggles

Northeast Columbia Big Bang is THIS Saturday 11/2 at North Springs Park on Clemson Road at 7am. We need a bunch of guys to go out there to help get them started and then go to breakfast as well to show them what F3 is all about. #AllThreeFs. Chaser and Sway will have the tag-team first Q.

We are making our final push to get guys to commit to the Palmetto 200. We are currenly at 29 commits. We need 36 for 3 full teams. See the pre-blast here for more information and sign up by emailing me ([email protected]). We will begin collecting the $87 registration fee in a few days so that we can sign up before 11/30 when the price goes up. Race weekend costs should not total more than about $50 per man so this is not very expensive.

Governor’s Cup Half Marathon is 11/9 and starts and finishes at the State House. We have 17 running the half-marathon and several more running the 8k. If you’re interested in the 8k contact Robber ([email protected]). If you’re not running please come down to the finish line be 9:30 to cheer on your F3 brothers as they finish. Wear a F3 shirt and bring the family. There are alot of acitivities down there and it would be great to have a big F3 presence.

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