• When: 02/25/17
  • QIC: Pipeline
  • The PAX: Fallout, Betamax, Happy Trees, Boris, Spanky, Improv, Big Time, Backdraft, Pipeline

Gee, I’m Real Sorry Your Mouth Threw Up, Spanky*

YHC figured the pax (mostly #BlueFalcon regulars) were expecting a run-and-cardio-heavy Q. YHC decided to mix it up, take a break from the P200 training and throw a #BlockParty. It was the perfect time for a tribute to YHC’s favorite actor and favorite shoulder exercise.

Conditions: Remember that one week it was winter?

The Thang:


  • Prisoner squats x20 IC


  • Imperial walkers x21 IC
  • SSH x22 IC
  • Sprint across the field and back

Go that way really fast

Mosey to the brickpile. Get blocks. Cusack to the big parking lot and partner up with someone of similar physical prowess (or lack thereof).

YHC hates Dora, so this is A-Rod: a backwards Dora.

Partner 1 AMRAPs an exercise while partner 2 takes the block to the far end of the lot and back. Flapjack.

Round 1: P1 merkins / P2 mosey with block
Round 2: P1 curls / P2 Cusack
Round 3: P1 Farmer’s carry / P2 squats (#crowdpleaser)

Flutter kicks x23 IC

Cusack to back wall

  • People’s chair sequence with arms up/out
  • Beta shows all the pax up by grabbing the ledge overhead and picking his feet off the ground.


  • LBCs x20 OYO

Cusack to sideline of upper field

Off to the Races:


  • Partners bear crawl across the field and sprint back. Losers farmer’s carry both blocks across the field.
  • Partners lunge walk across and sprint back. Losers farmer’s carry both blocks across the field.
  • Partners crab walk across and sprint back. Losers… you get the idea.
  • Flutter kicks x17 OYO (messing with Beta cuz he thought he had the pattern)

Cusack to the back parking lot for some block suicides.


  • Cusack to each of the first 3 islands in parking lot
  • Merkins x5 at island 1, back to start
  • Merkins x10 at island 2, back to start, squats x15 (YHC needed a break from the Cusacking)
  • Merkins x15 at island 3, back to start, squats x15

Cusack to put up blocks

Mosey to People’s Wall

  • People’s chair sequence (raise toes & heels… not both at once though)

Captain Thor:

  • Russian twists x4
  • BBSU x1
  • Russian twists x8
  • BBSU x2
  • Repeato up to 7 BBSU (Spanx is yelling 7 as in 7:00 for like the last 5 minutes)

Con air


BOM by Pipeline


  • #Kotters to Crab Daddy who is so bored on the DL that he couldn’t stay in the #fartsack and got up to come thank the pax for their support after his accident and surgery. This is why we go out and invite FNGs to post. Not because we want big crowds. Because men need other men in their lives to #ShieldLock with and help them through tough times. More in the announcements below.
  • Backdraft has many impressive qualities, one of which is the ability to shut up Spanky whenever he gets upwind.
  • * Name the Cusack movie quote the backblast title was ripped off from.


  • Pray for the family of F3 Grand Strand’s Dipstick, who passed away unexpectedly this past week.
  • Way too many Columbia pax have fallen out of the habit of posting. As Crab Daddy showed, men need all 3 Fs in their lives day in and day out. Reach out to a brother who you haven’t seen in the gloom in awhile.

Pipeline out.

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