• When: 01/19/16
  • QIC: Wingback
  • The PAX: Corn-Stache, Hee-Haw, Heist, Castanza, Scam (FNG)

Full-Out Frozen #Blitz

6 men posted to the high-intensity workout of F3Columbia known as #Blitz this morning in the sup-freezing gloom. However, YHC tried to help the PAX forget about the cold with, hopefully, an unforgettable workout. We started quick and never stopped. We got better and pushed each other to the brink. This is how it went down.


Mosey to bball court.


  • 5 res of SSH IC, followed by 2 burpees.
  • 30 LBC’s IC
  • 5 World’s Worst Merkins IC (Sorta ugly but efficient)
  • 30 Strict mtn climbers IC (touch toe to ground when brought up to chest)


The Thang:

Line up on baseline for double-burpee broad jump suicides.

Broad jump, 2 burpees to foul line, repeat til you reach foul line, turn around, same thing back to base line, turn around, same thing all the way to half court, turn around and finish at baseline. The farther your broad jumps were, the less burpees you had to complete!!

Hold strict high plank for 1 min.

Mosey to playground.


Mini Chelsea:

10 rds- complete 5 pullups, 10 merkins and 15 squats, on the minute, every minute.


Mosey to parking lot.

3 Full-Out Sprints from light pole to light pole. ~40 yds


90 seconds of Freddy Mercuries IC



T-Claps to all who attended, especially FNG Scam. Scam has been one of my good friends since grade school, just moved back from Kentucky, showed up this morning and killed it in the frozen conditions. Looking frwd to see how quickly he advances his fitness level. Also, 4 of us had the bright idea to show up for the Pre-Blitz track work. Not a bad double-down!! Gotta feeling that may become a bit of a tradition, with you-know-who running that AO. Thanks for invitation Stache, YHC will come back anytime!!!


See ya in #ThaGloom,


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