• When: 2018-12-01
  • QIC: Escobar
  • The PAX: Any and all PAX

Final Details: Inaugural “Wildcat” – Lexington (SC) Region #CSAUP


The new #CSAUP simply called “Wildcat”  is here.

This multi-mile/multi-pain station #CSAUP between the AOs of Hollow/CAT, Ambush, Shawshank, Arena and Surge.  Start at one AO, do a 5-10min pain station, run to the next AO, do another 5-10min pain station, repeat until you’ve made the loop back to where started.  It’s about a 17-mile loop around the AOs.  PAX have signed up to complete this as a run, ruck, relay or solo.

Start times from Shawshank:

Ruckers – 4:30am, Runners – 6:00am

Estimated Finish Time: 9:30am

The route will string together the AO’s and look for the Shovel Flag @ locations provided below too or QIC, but there will be signs along the route to these locations:

  • Shawshank – Gibson Road Soccer Complex (QIC: Cheers)

  • Arena – New Providence Elementary (QIC: Look for Voltron truck with Board with instructions)

  • Surge – Rocky Creek Elementary (QIC: Flipper)

  • The Hollow/CAT – Lexington High School (QIC: Mercy Rule & GraveDigger)

  • Ambush – Pleasant Hill Middle (QIC: Lumbergh & Bambi)

Finish back at Shawshank for water, coffee and donuts and some good 2nd F wondering why we just did that.

  • QICs will rotate as they decide.
  • AOs will provide some water and nourishment for PAX passing through.
  • If there is a BOARD, there will be instructions for the PAX on what to do

Few other news & notes to be aware of:

  • Wildcat will start at Shawshank AO with each start time beginning with a BOM and then the QIC will start the #CSAUP.  Cheers will be getting both groups started.
  • There will be signs along the route indicating where to turn.  They’ll be left, right, and straight ahead.
  • It is required that each PAX have headlamp and blinking lights. Follow all pedestrian rules for crossing streets and watch out for vehicles.
  • Follow the signs along the route to designate turns. A map will be provided at each AO on how to proceed to the next AO.
  • Please do not travel on the transitions between AOs alone…find a Battle Buddy and make sure you both make it safely through the transition.
  • Each PAX should carry a cell phone in case of emergency.
  • Each AO QIC will direct the PAX through their chosen weinke and hopefully the QICs have coordinated so were not just doing burpees.  The AO QIC will get the PAX moving as they arrive to the AO…so they won’t be waiting for everyone to arrive.  This is a “at your own pace” event so once you get to the AO you’ll start the BC once the QIC sees you arrive.
  • The Wildcat will finish back at Shawshank. There will be water, coffee, bananas, and donuts at the end and hopefully some good 2ndF.

Estimates on AO arrival times/finish times for runners & ruckers for information are below:




Have fun and we’ll see you for the Inaugural #Wildcat2018 12/01/18.



Route Map below: