• When: 2020-05-21
  • QIC: Misfire
  • The PAX: Cesspool, Spot, Trademark, Lemon, Costanza, Huffy, McLovin, McNugget, Cheesy, Oscar, Alshon, Misfire

F3 Columbia Zoom Gloom 5.21.20

12 for the virtual Zoom Gloom this AM.  Honored to lead these knuckleheads…

The Thang

Warm up 3 mins

  • inch worms 2, flutter kicks 10 1 ct
  • inch worms 4, flutter kicks 20 1 ct
  • inch worms 6, flutter kicks 30 1 ct
  • etc til time

Tabata – 40 secs of work, 20 secs of rest, 4 rounds

  • curl press
  • narrow center chest press
  • skull crushers
  • shoulder tap hand release merkins
  • straight leg toes touches
  • freddie mercuries
  • cricket climbers
  • jump squats
  • calf raises


Full body strength training with a little conditioning with the mountain climber variation and jump squats.  Good full body beat down.  Lots of chatter from Cesspool so he probably wasn’t trying very hard.


Battle 6th Anniversary celebration this Sat – MUV Fitness parking lot on Forest Dr

BOM Prayer

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