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F3 Columbia GORUCK Custom Hard Commits

Name Email F3 Name City Team
David Czerwinski [email protected] FEMA CHAS Blue
Joey Varin [email protected] JV CHAS Blue
Josh Bell [email protected] Dabo CHAS Blue
Justin Pesterfield [email protected] Mayo CHAS Blue
Mark Scheurer [email protected] Dooley CHAS Blue
Ron Banks [email protected] Whisper CHAS Blue
Tony Hlavacek [email protected] Baby Doc CHAS Blue
Zan Edens [email protected] Itchy CHAS Blue
Levi Mogg [email protected] Abba CHAS Blue
James Steed [email protected] The Voice CHAS Blue
Ben Simon [email protected] McEnroe CHAS Blue
Jason Clayton [email protected] Fire Daddy LM Blue
Jay Delbridge [email protected] Moonshine LM Blue
Justin Campbell [email protected] Magoo LM Blue
Kevin Lundy [email protected] Smithers LM Blue
Patrick Bukszar [email protected] Mungo LM Blue
Russell Brewton [email protected] TNT LM Blue
Rusty Farrell [email protected] Rabid LM Blue
Sam Cullum [email protected] Toothpick LM Blue
Jimmy Parris [email protected] Brother Si LM Blue
Josh Edwards [email protected] Moneypenny LM Blue
Kevin Grindstaff [email protected] Napalm LM Blue
Nick Haigler [email protected] Neckbrace LM Blue
Glen Bramlitt [email protected] Pothole LM Blue
Chad Nabors [email protected] Lamont LM Blue
Jason Likas [email protected] Outhouse LM Blue
Damon Sipe [email protected] Crash LM Blue
Jim Rowan [email protected] C3P0 LM Blue
Matt Quinton [email protected] Altarboy LM Blue
Curtis DeSena [email protected] Perrier NOCO Blue
Nick Slahta [email protected] Frosty NOCO Blue
Rick Bonen-Clark [email protected] Moses NOCO Blue
Brooks Crenshaw [email protected] RedBarron SPT Blue
Will Gramling [email protected] Lt Dan SPT Blue
Alex McLain [email protected] Cornstache COLA Red
Brant Cope [email protected] Decay COLA Red
Daniel Plyler [email protected] HeeHaw COLA Red
David Crow [email protected] Huffy COLA Red
Ed Goodwin [email protected] Happy Trees COLA Red
Gene Bell [email protected] Constanza COLA Red
Gene Crawford [email protected] WaxOff COLA Red
Jake Wehman [email protected] Grilz COLA Red
Jason Reynolds [email protected] Chaser COLA Red
John Powell [email protected] Fountainhead COLA Red
John Sherrer [email protected] Driveby COLA Red
Mark Tibshrany [email protected] SubPrime COLA Red
Russ Webb [email protected] Kim Jung COLA Red
Scott Gambrell [email protected] Beamer COLA Red
Trevor Knox [email protected] Termite COLA Red
Wesley Donehue [email protected] Jingles COLA Red
Will Warren [email protected] Boris COLA Red
Adam Matthews [email protected] Seabass COLA Red
Flynn Bowie [email protected] Sway COLA Red
Travis Pearson [email protected] Mule COLA Red
Ryan Pearson [email protected] Tonto COLA Red
Scott Timmons [email protected] OC COLA Red
Michael Rentiers [email protected] Cousteau COLA Red
Danny Aubert [email protected] Wingback COLA Red
Terry Moore [email protected] Double Rub COLA Red
Sean Rankin [email protected] Robber COLA Red
Giovanni DiFeterici [email protected] Little Willie COLA Red
Jonathan Vipperman [email protected] Mission COLA Red
Kurt Hartley [email protected] Murdock GVILLE Red
Richard Cannon [email protected] Retread GVILLE Red
Chris Gramtham [email protected] Sadiq GVILLE Red
Thomas LaFoy [email protected] Trycycle GVILLE Red
Charles Haskins [email protected] ChiliDog WI Red
James McNutt [email protected] Marv FLO White
David Barnes [email protected] Thunderbird FLO White
Eddie Vergara [email protected] UHaul FLO White
Ken Flowers [email protected] Flanders FLO White
Chris Port [email protected] ThreadCount FLO White
Roy Moss [email protected] Freon FLO White
Aaron Capps [email protected] Blindside LEX White
Aaron Lawrence [email protected] Candy Stripe LEX White
Alan Puckett [email protected] Mayhem LEX White
Brandon Johnson [email protected] Yanni LEX White
Chris Claypool [email protected] Knozit LEX White
Chris Long [email protected] Quest LEX White
Joel Blaschke [email protected] Clinch LEX White
Kevin Buice [email protected] Gravedigger LEX White
Lee Burton [email protected] Scooper LEX White
Matt Netzel [email protected] NoHelp LEX White
Mike Hill [email protected] Field Goal LEX White
Mike McCown [email protected] Clipboard LEX White
Nathan Hale [email protected] Donatelo LEX White
Patrick Dyer [email protected] Malfunction Junction LEX White
Robbie Jackson [email protected] PYT LEX White
Ron Kosch [email protected] Buzsaw LEX White
Travis Price [email protected] Ken Doll LEX White
Brad Kingsmore [email protected] Richter LEX White
Ernie Yarborough [email protected] Shake n Bake LEX White
Darrell Scott [email protected] Hanging Chad LEX White
Will White [email protected] Tumbler LEX White
Barry Morgan [email protected] Ranger LEX White
Cory McNulty [email protected] Chinstrap LEX White
Eric Morrison [email protected] Muggy Tape LEX White
Peter Gurgigno [email protected] Meatball LEX White
Ryan Player [email protected] Mr Belding LEX White
Nelson Bermas [email protected] Dumphy LEX White
Dominic Boscaglia [email protected] Beared Lady LEX White
Todd Bolton [email protected] Mastic LEX White

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