• When: 08-18-14
  • QIC: Fountain Head
  • The PAX: Bang Bang, Blood Work, Brother Si, Cornstash, Crack, Dufresne, EOB, Jingles, Moonshine, Mule, Pajanimal, Robber, Strip Mall, Sway, Tonto

The Bull was waiting …

The Marine Corp ROTC of USC did not show up for the beat down this morning, but F3 sure did and strong at that. 16 came out to tame The Bull this morning. The PAX came out very strong and even before the USC students decided to get out of bed. The Bull could not stop us as we had some personal best in the muggy morning.

Conditions: 75 Degrees & 79% Humidity

The Thang: #TheBull

From the corner of Blossom and Bull Streets, run to the top of the Bull Street hill stopping at Devine Street. Hang a left and enter the first of 3 garage stairwells. Climb to the top and complete 20 Merkins. Descend down the same stairwell, stopping at the base to complete 20 LBC’s. Continue down the Bull Street hill, stopping at the 2nd stairwell. Up and down with 20 Merkins at the top and 20 LBC’s at the bottom. Continue down the Bull Street hill, stopping at the 3rd stairwell. Up and down with 20 Merkins at the top and 20 LBC’s at the bottom. Continue down to the base of the Bull Street hill, rounding the power pole. That’s 1 rep. Rinse and repeat for 45 minutes, AMRAP. With each new rep, 1 Merkin and 1 LBC is removed (20, 20, 20, 19, 19, 19, 18, 18, 18; etc).



Matador: Pajanamal with 390 Points
2nd: Tonto with 276.25 Points
3rd: Fountainhead with 270 Points
Most Reps: CornStash and BloodWork each with 6.25 reps
Most Weight: Pajanamal with 74lbs


  • We all got to USC early to beat the students and find parking
  • Paganiamal was in beast mode this morning slapping the bull in the face
  • Also great job to everyone’s personal best today.


  • Please continue to pray for NailPop and his family, especially his 2.0 Walker. Keep up to date with what’s going on with him here.
  • Keep Mission in your prayers, he is in Haiti on a Mission.
  • Mule has a friend that need our prayers. The friend is in the beginning stages of testicular cancer.
  • Don’t forget the Mud Run
  • Stomp the Swamp 5k is coming up Saturday, August 23rd. Please consider supporting RBHS for all the support they show to F3 in the Midlands.

0 thoughts on “The Bull was waiting …”

    1. What’s it gonna take to get past the 6 rep plateau (with the weight vest)? I hit 6 and have consistently been 5.5-5.75 the last few attempts so I’m stuck too. Is it the humidity? I’m betting it has a big impact on it.

  1. ALSO (I forgot) note that this is tagged as both an F3Columbia and F3LakeMurray AO… As well it should be. #TheBull is just too much for any one region to claim. Brother Si is the current keeper of the red shovel flag and so I trust he’ll Q the beast next Monday for anyone looking to ride.

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